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Data-driven controlling in bakeries – Make quick decisions with real-time analyses

Efficient controlling in bakery stores requires a central data platform for real-time analysis to reduce manual effort and make informed decisions. Here's how you can do it

Efficient controlling is the basis for successful bakeries. But with common tools for cash register, merchandise management and personnel systems, this only works to a limited extent. You already have all the necessary data for your business, but the manual effort to bring it together is very high. The solution: a platform that centrally manages your data and enables real-time analyses. In this post, you'll learn how to get a quick overview of your data to make informed decisions for the sustainable success of your stores. 

You know how it is: It's the beginning of the month and you need a quick overview of the previous month's business results. Because only with this information can you optimally plan your staff for the next month, order goods and keep track of your liquidity. 

Up to now, you have obtained this data via common cash register, merchandise management and personnel systems, which you then compile manually in a document. This is how you find out what went well or not so well in the previous month. This procedure costs you a lot of time and effort every month and is easily susceptible to errors due to the manual activity.  

But the real work starts now: you analyze the data intensively to identify possible deviations and the reasons for them. This may also cost you several weeks.

In the middle of the next month, you are now faced with the task of initiating measures to counteract a deviating result.  

  • counteract a deviating result,  
  • improve the result 
  • and to implement your measures at other locations as well.  

In the meantime, the following month is drawing to a close and you have initiated measures in personnel management and operations. At the end of the month, you check how the changes made have affected your operating result. By then, another few weeks will have passed - and the cycle will start all over again.  

Real-time personalized reporting  

Sound familiar? Would you like to have less effort in monthly controlling, an overview of all data of your used tools, ideally in real time? The solution: an intelligent platform for central data management that displays all your data in real time. Deviations can be recognized immediately and optimization potential can be identified. You gain a lot of time and can intervene immediately. The insights gained from the data are transmitted as personalized reports to all relevant stakeholders. They can initiate countermeasures directly.

A few examples of how your controlling benefits from a process platform like sell & pick:  

  • Monitor your business performance with the help of relevant benchmarks: Say goodbye to Excel madness. Automatically receive a sales report by e-mail every morning or keep an eye on all key figures in real time via the tool - regardless of time, place or method. You can also set your own benchmarks and targets, whether at store level, over a period of time, or based on individual criteria of your choice. 
  • Forecast future sales: Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, you can generate accurate sales forecasts on an hourly basis based on your past data and external influencing factors. The result: more planning certainty.  
  • Identify the need for action in your stores: Detect early when a store's performance is declining over time. Perform real-time performance comparisons with other locations and quickly identify when action is needed. Then take appropriate countermeasures, whether in the area of employees or at the point of sale.


Manage your data centrally through a process platform, reap numerous benefits: You and your team can work more efficiently, make faster, data-based decisions and improve your business operations overall. With the help of real-time data, you can relieve your colleagues in Controlling of the burden of creating all kinds of analyses. The manual effort can be significantly reduced and the colleagues can dedicate themselves to their core task: pointing out deviations to the management or the operative executives and supporting them with targeted countermeasures. You gain valuable time and avoid unnecessary costs. You optimize your merchandise and personnel planning in a targeted manner, reduce your returns and the use of goods. In the long run, this will have a positive effect on the satisfaction of your employees and guests as well as on your turnover and thus on the overall operating result. There are many parameters that can be adjusted in order to run a profitable business. 

Do you have any questions or would you like to learn more about this topic?  

Florian Mahnke, Senior Sales Manager at sell & pick, is available to answer all your questions about controlling with real-time analyses, forward-looking planning and systematization, result optimization and automation of business processes. Book an appointment directly or send an e-mail with your request to