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Recordings from iba 2023

Here you will find recordings of exciting presentations and see what the exhibitors presented at iba 2023.

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Bandall June 4, 2024

Bandall rental solutions for bakeries

Our banding machines enable bakeries and pastry shops to use environmentally friendly packaging that is ecologically and aesthetically pleasing. Test our technology flexibly with rental and leasing options - without a high initial investment!

Goodway June 4, 2024

Increased efficiency in a large bakery

Discover how Goodway Technologies reduced cleaning time at a Maine bakery from 48 to just four hours per week thanks to the PureBelt Modular System and the GVC-18000 steam cleaner. Find out more and increase the efficiency of your production systems!

iba May 8, 2024
Expertise Health

Health and Wellness Trends in Commercial Baking

Explore the latest insights on emerging flavors, products, and consumer attitudes towards health and wellness in the bakery category with a panel of U.S. baking industry executives.

iba May 8, 2024
Expertise Health

BARLEYmax®: making the healthy choice the tasty choice.

BARLEYmax is a barley that is packed with nutrients (prebiotic fibres such as beta glucan, insoluble fibre, resistant starch; vitamins, minerals and protein).

iba May 8, 2024
Expertise Health

Myths and beliefs on bread & nutrition: Discover main insights from Baking with Lesaffre

As food (including bread) is increasingly seen as a contributor to good nutrition, consumers are paying attention to the quality of what they eat: transformation processes, origins, types of ingredients...

iba May 8, 2024
Expertise Health

Bread in professional soccer? This is how athletes eat.

How do professional athletes eat and what do they need to pay particular attention to?

iba May 8, 2024
Expertise Health

Benexia introduce a Novel Food from Chia, for healthy, natural and functional baking

Benexia introduces a new high-protein fibre powder from Chia Seed on the European Market: Benexia Xia Powder 435 W LM. This ingredient earned a Novel Food status, offering a new protein and fibre enrichment ingredient in bakery applications.