Heinen: 360-Degree Service

Heinen offers a complete 24/7 service. Here, you will learn what we do when things get complicated to keep your production running. No matter what service you need, you will always be cared for by highly qualified and motivated Heinen employees.

INSPECTIONS: We play close attention.

To ensure your pasteurization, fermentation, refrigeration plants, and freezers function smoothly – and your business runs – they must be regularly inspected and maintained, and all wearing parts replaced. Your Heinen team keeps an eye on your facility for you.

REPAIR: When repairs are needed.

And quickly. True to the saying "time is money," we ensure as quickly as possible that your production can continue. With the best experts and the right tools. We always keep in mind that in the end, you need to be helped – not our sales department.

SPARE PARTS: We deliver what you need, when you need it.

Often everything depends on a single spare part. From the smallest screw to the complete conveyor belt: Perfectly fitting original parts. We deliver what you need – when you need it.

REMOTE MAINTENANCE: More than just consolation over the phone.

Thanks to the strong digitalization of our plants, our service technicians can solve your problems from their desks and optimize processes. This saves you time and money.

UPGRADES & RELOCATIONS: Keeping up with technological development.

Times change – and so do technologies. The highest standards in food processing don't always necessitate the purchase of a completely new facility. Often, an adjustment of the existing facility is sufficient. And if it's not the technology that changes, but the location, we are the right partner for that too.

TRAINING: Always at the forefront with Heinen.

Although a large part of food processing is automated today, the plant operator remains one of the most important factors. Our service team shows your employees how to get the best results from the best technology – or as we say: Mastering any degree.


The availability of your plant is our task. Your task is the success of your business. Our service level agreements consist of various contract modules that can be combined according to your needs and requirements. Constant maintenance ensures that your plant always delivers perfect results.

Heinen stands for quality and reliability

Visit our website or contact us to find out how we can optimize your facilities – even if they are not from us. We are your partner for success in food processing!