Product-Highlight iba 2023

POS sales promotion with team work

weChallenge accepted! With the software solution, you motivate sales teams directly at the POS system and support marketing campaigns. Through fair competition, you increase your turnover in a playful way and achieve sales goals with teamwork.

Implementing sales-boosting measures in a playful way

In marketing, a well-rounded shopping experience and overall package is only created when sales staff actively offer the promotions. With weChallenge, store teams playfully compete against each other and can demonstrate their sales skills.

The software animates and motivates sales teams with gamification to achieve sales goals or support marketing campaigns. weChallenge can be quickly deployed and integrated into the copago checkout with minimal effort. 

The goals achieved by the various teams can be viewed directly at the checkout and tracked in real time via a graphic. To ensure fair competition, proportional targets are defined for each store. After all, visitor frequency varies greatly at locations such as the village square, city center or train station.