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semco ONE: The all-round carefree solution for bakers!

Organize documents and processes more efficiently, communicate information faster, manage more intelligently, analyze data better - Work innovatively and sustainably with semco ONE!

semco ONE, the leading digital solution for bakers with branches, takes branch management for bakers to a new level!

With a wide range of functions and a user-friendly interface, semco ONE offers a complete solution for the management and optimization of branch processes. From efficient organization to intelligent analysis, semco ONE helps bakeries significantly improve their processes and work sustainably.

Why semco ONE?  

Because semco ONE offers a digital solution for everything! The software helps chain stores to manage tasks efficiently, communicate across locations and document processes digitally. At the same time, semco ONE is intuitive to use and adapts to individual processes and requirements.
The result: Your store management has never been so easy!

What can semco ONE do?

  • Cross-branch documentation and communication:
    semco ONE enables seamless collaboration between branches. Tasks and appointments can be assigned digitally and personalized, malfunctions can be reported around the clock, and a complete history and process documentation are available at any time.
  • Equipment monitoring and minimization of downtime:
    semco ONE enables effective monitoring of devices and helps minimize downtime. Goodwill, maintenance and warranty deadlines can be easily managed.
  • Intelligent maintenance planning and warranty-safe inventory management:
    semco ONE simplifies maintenance management and enables secure inventory management. The AI-based solution saves time, money and costs.
  • Digital hygiene management (HACCP) and employee training:
    semco ONE supports compliance with hygiene regulations and enables employee training. This ensures food safety and minimizes the risk of violations.
  • Many other customizable functions: semco ONE can be adapted to the specific requirements and needs of bakery operations. Whether ordering, personnel management or analysis functions - semco ONE offers a wide range of functions to optimize operations.

An individual solution!

Branch bakers benefit most when they use the full range of functions of semco ONE.
Alternatively, they can also supplement their existing branch structure with individual function packages. 

What advantages does semco ONE offer?

semco ONE simply makes branch management more relaxed! Thanks to the AI-based solution, chain stores keep track of all relevant information at all times and can conveniently manage and optimize their stores from anywhere. Here are some of the advantages of semco ONE:

  1. Communication & organization: semco ONE enables the digital and personalized assignment of tasks and appointments. Faults can be reported around the clock, thus ensuring safe and fast fault clearance.
  2. Technology & process management: semco ONE centrally records and networks all locations, inventory and the responsible service providers. AI-based operations and maintenance management saves time, money and costs and ensures that no goodwill, maintenance or warranty deadlines are overlooked.
  3. Control, analysis & profit increase: semco ONE provides a comprehensive overview of operational business processes, machine availability, fault rates and other important key figures. With this transparency, chain stores gain new bases for decision-making. With semco ONE, costs can be saved, disruptions reduced and effectiveness increased.

semco ONE is already being used successfully in a large number of bakeries and has established itself as a reliable solution for the branch management of bakeries.

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