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The interdisciplinary AMG team is at your side when it comes to the planning and realization of your new factory, conversion or plant expansion and the fine-tuning of the building structure, process equipment and process steps for premium baked goods and to master hygiene in bakeries of all sizes.


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  • P Production management
  • P Production planning
  • P Quality management
  • C Special cleaning systems
  • E Energy management
  • F Digitalisation
  • F Sustainability
  • F Quality management

About us

The AMG MasterKoncept 4.0 optimizes individual production areas with a hygienically-controlled atmosphere for consistant premium product qualities and allows, for the first time, process and product hygiene to be mastered whilst at the same time reducing the CO2 footprint.

Taking into account the interactions between dough/dough piece and its environment in the production process, makes it possible to generate integrated added-value. Avoiding skin formation on dough pieces by maintaining a sufficiently high equilibrium humidity in rooms leads to improved product qualities and significant energy savings. Cooling, freezing, proofing and baking times are shortened, the overall CO2 footprint is reduced, operational hygiene becomes more manageable, aging of baked goods is delayed and product shelf life is extended.

Undesirable flour dust or other allergens are kept low and their spread is minimized through laminar air flows. The air speed is specifically fitted for the product so to avoid drafts. At the same time, the temperature, the equilibrium humidity, the oxygen content and the air flow remain at comfort level for the employees and especially for the product conditioning.

The specifically developed AMG cross-section technologies use thermodynamic variables to maintain a microbially and virally clean atmosphere. Physical measures are used to condition the air and bring it to a level so that, for example, the critical CO2 concentration in the air is controlled via intelligent processes and real-time interconnection.

The AMG MasterKoncept 4.0 is aimed at climate-friendly production processes and thus at sustainability in the production of your baked goods.