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The well-known ATMOS delivers innovative solutions for optimal air quality in the respective processing zones – dough preparation, proofing, baking, cooling, storing – irrespective of daily and seasonal climate fluctuations.


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Range of products

  • E Waste air purification systems
  • E Ventilation devices
  • E Energy management
  • E Dehumidifiers, humidifiers
  • E Air purification systems
  • E Ventilators
  • E Heat recovery
  • F Quality management

About us

Fluctuating temperatures, humidity and bacterial counts have always been the highest risks for quality and hygiene in the production of baked goods. But now there is a way to control these factors to improve your product and process.

The ATMOS system is a group of smart and clean equipment. Intelligent processes ensure the stability of the desired atmospheric climatic conditions in the different production areas.

By maintaining a sufficiently high equilibrium moisture content, skin forming on dough pieces is avoided and the particle load and allergens in the air are kept low. Furthermore, cooling, freezing, fermentation and baking times are shortened, which results in an significantly improved carbon footprint.

Undesirably high CO2-concentrations are reduced to an optimal level and condensate is avoided or eliminated, regardless of the weather, geography or interactions caused by production. The overall hygiene becomes controllable and mold growth can finally be avoided.

The ATMOS system provides for safe, improved working conditions and a manageable hygiene for consistent premium qualities of baked goods. 

Economic advantages: consistent premium qualities . increased operational hygiene. significantly improved CO2 footprint . high food safety . less use of raw materials . improved aroma . optimal thermal conductivity . reduced baking time . mass loss avoidance . significant energy savings . reduced cooling time . high product yield . extended freshness keeping . extended MHD . more financial gains .