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Welcome to AZO! Our focus is on the automated raw material handling within your production processes. Discover the world of raw material automation and learn how together we can make your production more efficient.


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Range of products

  • P Oven loading systems
  • P Metering and weighing systems
  • P Conveyor systems and conveyor belts
  • P Semi and fully automatic loading systems
  • P Mechanical sieves
  • P Silos
  • P Control systems
  • P Automation
  • P Production management
  • P Traceability of goods
  • F Digitalisation
  • F Sustainability

About us

We are experts in the physical analysis of raw materials, engineering, process engineering, plant engineering, control engineering and automation, and digitalisation.

The AZO Group is one of the world’s most experienced companies when it comes to automated handling of raw materials. Our workforce of over 1,000 employees are passionate about their work and draw on their extensive knowledge – based on more than 70 years of experience in plant engineering for the automation of a wide range of raw materials – in order to develop efficient and future-proof designs for you. With our curiosity and openness to visionary technology, coupled with a holistic and systemic understanding of digitalisation, we deliver solutions with long-term prospects for your value creation processes.

From engineering and the supply of individual components to the construction of complete turnkey plants, automation, installation and comprehensive after-sales service:
All AZO services come from a single source and they dovetail seamlessly – wherever you are in the world, we are always close by to help you design your factory of the future!

Physical analysis of raw materials

Each raw material has its own unique properties. And even the same raw material can behave completely differently in different locations and under different circumstances. Solid knowledge about the properties of the products being processed and a wealth of experience in data evaluation and linkage are therefore much sought after when it comes to designing plants for the automation and logistics of raw materials. That is our strength! For decades, we have been analysing the different raw materials in our excellently equipped bulk solids laboratory and recording all the relevant data for automated handling in our extensive database. The more complex it is to handle a particular raw material, the more we are in our element.


No one project is the same as another. Your requirements dictate the specifications while thorough groundwork forms the basis for your customised solution: We offer you support in pre-engineering, planning new plants, expansion and refurbishment of existing plants. We conduct feasibility studies and work on viable proofs of concept until we arrive at the optimum solution for a project that satisfies your requirements. 

Plant engineering and process engineering

Automation and logistics of raw materials in the fields of food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, chemicals and plastics are what we’re about. With us you get everything from a single source – from individual components for storage, discharge, screening, conveying, dosing and weighing of raw materials, such as pneumatic conveying systems, screeners and bulk containers, to innovative systems for dispersion, mixing and homogenisation of liquid and semi-solid products, right through to turnkey solutions. Our job is not over until your production line is running to your complete satisfaction.

Control engineering and automation

From consulting to implementation, from sensor technology to the commercial production planning phase: plant engineering, process engineering and automation dovetail seamlessly to create reliable, comprehensive solutions with no interfaces and yet the utmost in connectivity.


Starting with the creation of a digital twin via simulation and virtual reality, we build up a digital map of your plant. You can access this virtually before we begin the physical manufacturing. Thanks to data recording, visualisation and analysis, we also add value to your production during the operating phase. Smart data, a spare parts platform and augmented reality are integral components.