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BENEXIA® offers a full rage of high quality chia seed-based ingredients, naturally processed, clean label, gluten-free, from sustainable agriculture. BENEXIA® is vertically integrated, from agricultural production, ingredients developments and processing, applications, and distribution.


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Range of products

  • R Improvers for bread and biscuits
  • R Improvers for cakes and pastries
  • R Emulsifiers
  • R Processed flour for bread and biscuits
  • R Processed flour for cakes and pastries
  • R Fats, oils
  • R Gelling agents
  • R Milled products
  • R Flour and grains
  • R Oils
  • R Free from ingredients
  • R Ingredients for organic bakery products
  • R Ingredients for functional food
  • R Ingredients for gluten-free, lactose-free, vegan bakery products
  • R Seeds, grain products
  • R Other milled products
  • R Other ingredients
  • R Other ingredients
  • R Stabilisers
  • R Premixes for bread and bread rolls
  • R Premixes for cakes and pastries
  • R Premixes for gluten-free, lactose-free, vegan bakery products
  • R Premixes, Processed flour
  • F Long-life baked products
  • F Donuts
  • F Gluten-free, lactose-free, vegan bakery products
  • F Hearty snacks
  • F Small bread products
  • F Muffins
  • F Other finished products
  • F Sweet snacks
  • F Gateaux and cakes

About us



We are Benexia®, a group of people passionate about nature, health, and chia seed ingredients from an ancient grain and nutrient powerhouse. Throughout the years, we have specialized in producing, processing, commercializing, and marketing Chia and chia-based ingredients because Chia is so good!


We offer natural fibre, plant-based protein, functional fats and oil (liquid and powder format), bakery premixes with the best taste, the most extended shelf life, and a clean label.



We are proud and happy to work with leading food companies worldwide to pioneer innovative products incorporating Benexia® chia ingredients, always focusing on great taste, nutritionally superior, attractive creations, and cost efficiencies.


Our ingredients have the highest concentration of ALA omega-3 fat of any food and also contain antioxidants, fibre, high-quality plant-based protein, vitamins, and minerals.


We are passionate about Sustainability and have it intentionally integrated into every aspect of our business, starting in our fields, reducing carbon, refreshing waterways, and revitalizing communities.


Partner with us! We have so many good things to bring to people and the planet.  It is our responsibility to make things change for the better.




Our Xia Powder 435 W LM is a multifunctional, 100% natural, high-protein plant-based fibre concentrate. This alternative to psyllium and gums is an excellent source of both soluble & insoluble fibre, high in quality protein, and omega-3 ALA fat.

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Benexia® Xia Powder 435 W LM



Our Xia Powder W 125 LM is a high plant-based protein chia concentrate in a micro-milled format, providing excellent nutrition, taste, texture, and dispersibility. It is mainly used in functional powder supplements and meat and dairy alternatives categories, as it contains all 9 essential amino acids, and it is an excellent ingredient to support consumers’ daily protein requirements while providing fibre and omega-3 fat.

Sustainability is crucial in product innovation in this space, disrupting traditional animal-based protein sources.

Benexia® Xia Powder 125 LM.jpg (0 MB)

 Benexia® Xia Powder W 125 LM



Considering there are three main omega-3 fats: EPA, DHA, and ALA, which complement each other, ALA is the only omega-3 fat considered an ‘essential’ fatty acid biologically because the body can’t make it alone. We must get it from the diet.


Benexia® Xia Oil is a 100% natural cold-pressed oil with the largest omega-3 concentration of any edible oil and keto friendly.  Over 63% of its composition is made up of ALA omega-3 fat. There’s evidence that chia oil supports the immune system, is anti-inflammatory neuroprotective, and promotes healthy skin, hair, and nails. And because it is plant-based, there is no fishy aftertaste, which is ideal for vegetarians and vegans.


Benexia® Xia Oil is also available in a powder format. The ALA Powder® is chia oil microencapsulated, it is an excellent source of omega-3 ALA fat.  It retains all of the oxidative stability and sensory attributes of our oil. Benexia ALA Powder® is intended for liquid or powder applications where it is impossible to add oil.

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Benexia ALA Powder®



Our bakery premixes are natural ready-to-use premixes alternatives, using Benexia® Xia Powder 435 W LM as an essential nutritional and functional ingredient in their formulation, bringing an incredible amount of balanced fibre, plant-based protein, and omega-3 in a 100% natural, gluten-free flour that perfectly combines with other natural ingredients in these premixes.  As Xia Powder 435 W LM is not hydrolyzed, its viscosity reduces the need for emulsifiers and stabilizers, offering fantastic texture and flavor in bread, muffins, and cakes.


Bread Baking Mixes:

  • Keto (Low Carb) Chia Bread Baking Mix
  • Ancient Grain Gluten Free Bread Baking Mix


Cakes And Muffins Baking Mixes:

  • Keto (Low Carb) Chia Baking Mix
  • Ancient Grain Gluten-Free Baking Mix

Bakery Premixes.jpg (0 MB)

Bakery Premixes



Chia seeds from Benexia® are sustainably produced under regenerative agricultural systems that combine no-till farming to protect the soil, natural soil nutrition, and crop rotation.  We do keep natural barriers in our fields for fauna and flora preservation.  With our mindset of industrial eco-friendly technological innovations, our organization works at all levels toward positively impacting our communities, with clear environmental goals transparently communicated in our exceptionally low carbon footprint.


Black Or White Chia Seed LM

Benexia® offers a variety of quality-certified (FSSC 22000) food-grade chia seeds for the food industry, with low moisture levels improving the microbiology parameters and extending its shelf life.