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As a French bakery equipment manufacturer, we, at Bongard, thrive to be there for all bakers, to offer them eco-conscious quality equipment paired with innovative services. We will be showcasing our solutions to face the major challenges for the bakery industry: labour shortages and energy savings.


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Range of products

  • P Sheeting machines
  • P Bakery equipment
  • P Oven loading systems
  • P Bread lines
  • P Deck ovens
  • P Automatic fermentation machines
  • P Fermentation rooms
  • P Gas ovens
  • P Yeast fermenters
  • P Mixing machines, planetary mixers and beaters
  • P Ovens
  • P Oven loading and unloading
  • P Shock freezers and cells
  • P Rotary ovens
  • P Dough divider
  • P Rack ovens
  • F Digitalisation
  • F Artisan bakery

About us

Since its founding in 1922, BONGARD has been strongly linked to bread and pastry-making history. Oscar Bongard, the company’s founder, started his business by repairing and maintaining ovens. An engineer by training, he soon began designing ovens. The patented “CERVAP” deck oven, invented in 1967, is still in production today. In the early 1980s, BONGARD expanded its range of products to include mixing, proofing and conservation equipment. In 2007, PANEOTRAD®, a unique patented process for separating and shaping pieces of dough, revolutionized the bakery industry. This innovative machine saves up to 30% of working time while minimizing flour dust and respiratory issues. Thanks to its diversification and capacity for innovation, BONGARD has become an expert in global bread processing equipment.

Today, BONGARD is a valued partner in the baking and pastrymaking industries. The company distributes products in over 140 countries, offers installation and repair support seven days a week, 365 days a year, and provides machine training in their showroom in Holtzheim, France, or in clients’ own bakeries worldwide.

BONGARD’s high-performance production is complemented with innovative and energy-efficient solutions. In the near future, all their equipment and, from October 2023, all their ovens — fitted with INTUITIV’2 and SENSITIV’2, the latest generations of electronic control panels — will be connected to BONGARD Connect, a unique service that will allow remote control, analysis, maintenance and even the creation and synchronization of recipes.

Our missions:

  • Creating innovative products to improve working conditions in the bakery.
  • Anticipating changes in the bakery and pastry trade.
  • Offering tailored and exclusive solutions and services.

A global approach of bakery:

  • We design our ranges with a global approach to the bakery pastry laboratory : from dough preparation to baking.
  • We support all bakers in the evolution of their profession : smaller production areas, open laboratories, development of
    snacking and catering, nutritional issues, respect for traditional processes, etc.

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