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Proofing cloth with pearling effect for processes We produce high quality bakery cloth for all kinds of usage in the production with revolutionary features. Our cotton, polyester and mixed fabrics are equipped with a bacteriostatic function, are water and oil repellent and have an anti-adhesio


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Range of products

  • P Baking moulds and tins
  • P Bakery equipment
  • P Accessories for baking
  • P Oven loading systems
  • P Bread and fermenting baskets
  • P Conveyor systems and conveyor belts
  • P Proofing trays
  • P Oven loading and unloading
  • P Technical textiles for belts
  • P Plastic equipment
  • F Digitalisation

About us

CLEANBAKE Gärtücher / CLEANBAKE proofing

We produce proofing cloth, baker´s chouche, bagutette linen, donut cloth, friying cloth, belts for oven loarder and setter, linen for dough proofer and retarde, cloth for proofing baskes and linen for bannetons, protection covers for trolley, dough tank, mixer, hopper, container and machines, textile cutes for flour and filter bags, rattan bannetons / proofing baskets, cltoh for peelboard all cusomized an d with our CLEANBAKE treatment.

From us you get as well high quality proofing baskest form rattan and plastic, dogh trays, peelboards and oven gloves.

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Krapfentuch / gonut cloth / frying cloth