CLM Bakery System

CLM Bakery System

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We manufacture complete pizza and bread lines, offering you modern and high efficient systems combining the requirements of industrial production and minimum use of labour with the quality of handmade product. We are leader in the world in manufacturing bakery lines for wood-fired pizza and bread.


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About us

Quality of Tradition in Industrial Quantities

CLM Bakery System designs and manufactures complete pizza and bread production lines, offering you modern and efficient production systems combining the requirements of industrial production with the quality of handmade products.

CLM Bakery System can automate the whole production process, and offers you Turnkey solutions and tailor-made systems, building different solutions and equipment suited to your needs.

CLM Bakery System is leader in the world in the production of bakery lines for wood fired pizza and wood fired bread.

In its wood fired pizza lines the tunnel stone ovens marketed under the CLM Vesuvio brand, powered by gas and/or wood are equipped with the innovative patented embracing heat baking system and are accompanied by complementary equipment such as the innovative automatic fermentation room for 24/48 hours sponge/biga fermentation and main dough fermentation in small bins of 25 kilos, the automatic dough balls proofer, crossing lamination and a special hot pressing technology which does not need any additional oil or flour.
The innovative processes technologies of CLM Bakery System pizza lines give you Unique Selling Points in your market;

- Open texture great alveolation
- Melt in the mouth texture – i.e not tough/ chewy especially on the rim
- Great flavour
- Greater enzyme conversion of starch to sugars - leads to better colouration / rustic look and feel without a heavy bake
- digestibility/ lightness of eat
- reduced yeast levels
- Crispness through life (retention of outer shell crispness)

Nowadays we are used to seeing pizza baked in electric or gas ovens, but we shouldn’t forget that the real Italian pizza was born in 1889 in Napoli with the characteristic of being baked in wood fired oven at 450°C for no more than 60 to 90 seconds. CLM VESUVIO wood fired tunnel oven for pizza now offers all the advantages of traditional wood baking with a direct flame, allowing the best handmade quality to be achieved in industrial pizza production.

CLM VESUVIO wood fired tunnel ovens are completely built in stone and refractory material and thanks to these materials, CLM Vesuvio accumulates and emits heat uniformly, guaranteeing the best baking stability for any type of product and giving you the possibility to bring in your market the real Italian Wood Fired Pizza baked in a stone oven with the smokes embracing the product.

At the same time the automatic wood loading guarantees you high productivity and energetic efficiency.

Not only wood is a renewable form of energy and you have the possibility to improve the carbon footprint of your products baking carbon neutral.

Between the  proving process and the baking process, there are various processes involved in preparing the pizza, which must be carried out using high quality equipment so as to ensure a finished product which complies with the reputation that Italian pizza has built up all over the world.

CLM bakery System can offer you the innovative hot pressing system and the crossing lamination.

In the CLM Bakery System hot pressing system, the dough balls are picked up by servo controlled mechanical hands and transferred onto the plates of the hot press conveyor with precision. Upper and Lower Plates are heated using a controlled electrical resistance system, which always keeps them at the ideal operating temperature.

The pressing plates are also shaped in such a way as to obtain the preferred pizza shape. By changing the shape, it is very easy to move from a flat pizza to a thick crust or rimmed one.

After the hot press step, the bases are picked up off the conveyor by a second manipulator, with vacuum-operated pick-up heads, and then placed onto the conveyor belt direction oven.

The hot pressing carried out by the CLM Bakery System procedure allows an even crispier pizza base to be obtained, so that the base absorbs the wetness of the tomato to a lesser extent, hence consistently improving the finished product.

Alternatively to the hot pressing CLM Bakery System offers you the crossing lamination: two laminators receive the proved dough balls and make them into oval shapes, which are lined up and handled by a dedicated phasing system. A retractable conveyor then gently transfers the ovals, creating a direction change. The ovals move through the third and fourth laminator, which creates the typical round shape. Flour dusters make sure a thin layer of flour is dusted to avoid dough sticking.

In CLM Bakery System wood fired bread lines the CLM Vesuvio tunnel oven for bread will allow modern consumers to discover the ancient flavour of traditional bread baked in a wood-fired oven, enhancing the quality, taste, fragrance and authenticity.

Food marketing in recent years has focused greatly on making the most of tradition. Since the CLM Bakery System Vesuvio industrial tunnel oven is wood fired and thanks to the smokes that hit and embrace the products, it allows the aromas and fragrances found only in few artisan bakeries to be rediscovered.

For the proofing in our wood fired bread lines CLM Bakery System offers you the proofer CLM Libera with following advantages:

- Independence from the oven: the suitable proofing time can be chosen regardless of the baking time needed for the product;

- Flexibility in the choice of proofing times at multiple intervals of a few minutes;

- Specific trays for each product: at one time, bread was proved on wood boards, wicker baskets, linen pockets or other natural materials. Nowadays, you can choose the ideal surface for exalting the flavour and development of your products; this customisation provides for specific stores for each type of tray, with automatic in-line changing of the actual trays;

- Quick and easy cleaning: The CLM Bakery System Libera proofer can be fully emptied of the trays and then cleaned very easily. 

Experience in renewing Tradition

The experience, technology and professionalism that have always accompanied CLM Bakery System’s development make the company a trusted industrial partner for everything to do with the world of bakery.