Eco Trade

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Since 1993, Eco Trade has been manufacturing high-quality products for the baking, confectionery, and gastronomy industries. Our IFS Food certification guarantees compliance with EU quality and safety standards. Trust us as your reliable partner.


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Range of products

  • R Improvers for bread and biscuits
  • R Improvers for cakes and pastries
  • R Raising agents
  • R Powdered cream, vanilla sauce powder
  • R Egg products
  • R Ice cream mixtures
  • R Ice cream powder
  • R Emulsifiers
  • R Enzymes
  • R Food colourings
  • R Processed flour for bread and biscuits
  • R Processed flour for cakes and pastries
  • R Fats, oils
  • R Fruity fillings and toppings
  • R Fillings, toppings, coatings and mouldings
  • R Gelling agents
  • R Glazes
  • R Chocolate coverings, chocolates
  • R Chocolate mouldings and shells
  • R Food additives
  • R Malt and malt extract
  • R Flour and grains
  • R Nuts
  • R Spicy fillings and toppings
  • R Ingredients for organic bakery products
  • R Seeds, grain products
  • R Cream stabilisers
  • R Sourdoughs, ready-to-use sourdoughs, starter cultures
  • R Other food additives
  • R Other ingredients
  • R Ice cream
  • R Stabilisers
  • R Starch and starch products
  • R Sweet fillings and toppings
  • R Premixes for bread and bread rolls
  • R Premixes for cakes and pastries
  • R Premixes for gluten-free, lactose-free, vegan bakery products
  • R Sugar glazings, fondant
  • R Sugar products
  • F Food trends
  • F Health
  • F Artisan bakery

About us

Since 1993, Eco Trade has been dedicated to manufacturing high-quality products for the baking, confectionery, and gastronomy industries. We have earned a strong reputation in Poland and internationally as a trusted partner, offering exceptional quality products. Our team of experienced food technologists ensures the successful realization of our products, while our commitment to professional technological and marketing services sets us apart. Situated in Gliwice, near Europe's largest road junction, our modern production plant and logistics centre enable efficient operations. With the implementation of the HACCP system and certified IFS Food standard, we proudly meet all Polish and EU requirements for product quality and safety. Moreover, our well-established distribution and service network, both in Poland and abroad, further support our business model. As a result of our continuous and dynamic development, Eco Trade Sp. z o.o. has emerged as the leader in the Polish bakery and confectionery market. Our dedication to excellence has been recognized through numerous prestigious prizes, distinctions, and certificates.