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ELAG Group manufactures all of its products from sustainably managed, food-grade paper. Bags are environmentally friendly, hygienic and functional. Upon request, our designs can be adapted and printed individually.


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From the idyllic Emmental out to the wide world. ELAG Group began their success story in 1956 in the small town of Kirchberg, Switzerland and now supplies their products to customers all over the world. ELAG Group found global acceptance of their products early on, from an innovative paper bag in the 1960s, to the now world-famous Airsickness bag in the 1970s, and continues to do so today. 

In 1991, in addition to the main office in Kirchberg, a new large-scale production site was constructed in Munster, France. In 2007, in Australia, a new branch was established and found further success in the APAC market. 

We have not only expanded our global presence, but also our product range on an ongoing basis. With our Pochetta for cutlery and other high-quality, functional paper bags, we have established ourselves in the catering and take-away sector and earned a reputation as a reliable and innovative producer. Today, we advise, develop and sell worldwide.