Extra Fruit Fillings

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Welcome to the World of the fruit fillings and more ... Enyoy the sweetnes . The company is established since 2000 in Kosovo, and successfully is working in the field of fruit processing (various types of fruits), and chocolattes for PASTRY, BAKERY and Market shops .


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Range of products

  • R Baking agents
  • R Improvers for bread and biscuits
  • R Improvers for cakes and pastries
  • R Ice cream ingredients
  • R Emulsifiers
  • R Processed flour for bread and biscuits
  • R Processed flour for cakes and pastries
  • R Fruity fillings and toppings
  • R Fillings, toppings, coatings and mouldings
  • R Glazes
  • R Chocolate coverings, chocolates
  • R Chocolate mouldings and shells
  • R Food additives
  • R Ingredients for gluten-free, lactose-free, vegan bakery products
  • R Cream stabilisers
  • R Sweet fillings and toppings
  • R Premixes for bread and bread rolls
  • R Premixes for cakes and pastries
  • R Premixes, Processed flour
  • R Sugar glazings, fondant
  • F Pastries
  • F Fruits
  • F Small bread products
  • F Muffins
  • F Sweets and confectionery
  • F Food trends

About us

Also, especially from 2014, the company have started to develop the concept of the empowering of farmers, as local further partners of supplying the company, aiming to de-crease import of the raw material and to improve the supplying from the domestic products of all elements, based on the opportunities and condition for their producing.

Beside the Kosovo (30%), our company is placing goods in the other places of EU and non EU countries

  • Superbrands FRUIT FILLINGS 
  • Superbrands FLOUR FOR TRILEQE
  • Super brands CARAMEL FOR TRILEQE