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Gilro specializes in the production of a variety of cake decoration products focusing mainly on Edible Paper, Edible Inks and chocolate printing. Our products are distributed to some of the largest and highest profile companies in the world in industry segments, retail and food service.


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Range of products

  • R Flavourings
  • R Decorative items
  • R Food colourings
  • R Icing
  • R Food colourings
  • R Sugar glazings, fondant

About us

In 1950 the Gelbard family established a small production facility for baked products.
For the first decades the factory operated on a relatively small scale, however in 1985 the family's second generation came onboard, bringing their business skills and vision. Shortly after, the company moved into its state of the art, modern production facility, making the first leap into the leading company we are.
Gilro witnessed the increasing demand for their products, nationwide and internationally and in 2006 a redacted export sales department was formed, offering Gilro’s products to the international market. In the same year, the first edible paper production line was launched, making it an immediate success by showing a high quality product which was showing the best performance on the cake and was selling for a very competitive price. In the following years we had increased our production capacity and also going into new product categories while staying in the front of production technology.

First to come was edible ink for printers, second was chocolate transfer sheets which are used on the same technology but for making custom made images on chocolate.

In 2020 Gilro acquired a known brand of colors called "Magic Colors" who specializes in the production of gel colors, Icing, color powders, airbrush and of course Fondant.

Gilro remains under private ownership and in 2020 joined the "Green Lantern" group which is one of the largest private equity firms in Israel, focusing mainly on food factories.

Our focus is still and will always be production technology, high quality products and best user experience.