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Ilchovski 94 is a company with experience in the production of confectionery supplies since 1994. Established in Varna, Republic of Bulgaria. Our products are appropriate for confectionery and bakery producers.


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ILCHOVSKI 94 B4 / 355

Thermostable filling creams

Used with two different applications: as confectionary cream in combination with whipping cream (750 gr. thermostable cream and 250 gr. whipping cream) or as thermostable cream for baking or freezing products.

ILCHOVSKI 94 B4 / 355

Sugar Powder, Sugar Paste and Fondant Caramel

Products which are important for every confectionery customer. Produced by us, with extremely high quality and always on competitive and affordable prices.

ILCHOVSKI 94 B4 / 355

Compound Couvertures on coins – convenient to use by confectionery producers

High quality chocolate replacement used for covering cakes, eclairs, waffles, cookies, and others confectionery products. Offered on "coins", which are melted easily.

ILCHOVSKI 94 B4 / 355

Cocoa Creams for covering and filling

Give great taste to your products by using the variety of cocoa creams, which we offer: with different contains of hazelnut and peanuts, satisfying the needs of the most demanding customers.

ILCHOVSKI 94 B4 / 355

Cold Glazes for glazing cakes and pastries

Give your product finishing touches with a beautiful glaze effect and incredible taste, making it stand out from the competition. Cold Glaze, easy to use and with a wide range of types.

ILCHOVSKI 94 B4 / 355

Cake decorations: sliced or granulated nuts, sticks and scaglietti

Wide variety cake decorations based on nuts: sliced almonds, sliced peanuts, caramelized granulated peanuts, based on compound couvertures: confectioners sticks and scaglietti, and caramelized coconut.

Range of products

  • R Decorative items
  • R Icing
  • R Fruity fillings and toppings
  • R Fillings, toppings, coatings and mouldings
  • R Glazes
  • R Chocolate coverings, chocolates
  • R Milled products
  • R Other ingredients
  • R Sugar glazings, fondant

About us

We are offering high-quality products at competitive prices, option for private labeling, and professionalism in the production of:

  • Cold glazes and thermostability confectionary creams
  • Compound couverture in coins: white, brown, dark, lemon, and pistachio
  • Cocoa creams
  • Caramelized peanuts, sliced peanuts, scaglietti, and chocolate sticks
  • Sugar paste, fondant
  • Sugar powder
  • Turkish delight

Our products were awarded with gold and silver medals on different multinational exhibitions.

By choosing to work with us you are choosing a trusted partner in the development of innovative products.