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KPM Analytics is a global leader in scientific instrumentation for analyzing critical food quality parameters & production processes. Each of our product brands has a long history of delivering advanced and reliable analysis solutions to ensure product quality and optimize process efficiency.

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KPM ANALYTICS September 21, 2023

Using Vision Inspection for Production Process Adjustments

Consistency is vital in bakery processing, but subtle defects often go unnoticed until it's too late. KPM Analytics' Vision Process Control system now enables bakeries to maintain quality and reduce waste, underlining the role of technology in consistency.

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KPM ANALYTICS August 14, 2023

At-line NIR Analysis to Minimize Over-Formulation Costs in Food Production

Elevate manufacturing efficiency with Near-Infrared Analysis. Learn how this rapid, non-destructive technique enhances quality control and process optimization across various industries

iba 2023

KPM ANALYTICS August 14, 2023
Use case

Get the Complete Story on Your Flour with Less Reliance on Costly Baking Trials

Unveil Flour's Potential with Mixolab 2: Elevate analysis beyond mixing properties. Uncover valuable insights for better bakery operations and product quality.

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KPM ANALYTICS July 26, 2023

Quality Control in a Cookie and Cracker Plant

By controlling moisture levels and monitoring key parameters in raw ingredients and finished products, KPM Analytics' NIR solutions offer process optimization, cost savings, and enhanced quality.

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KPM ANALYTICS July 25, 2023

In-Process Bakery Analysis: Why Mixolab 2 is the Perfect Tool to Reduce Waste

Optimize bakery quality with Mixolab 2 analysis. Understand dough properties, reduce waste, and ensure consistent products. Contact us for in-process dough analysis solutions.

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KPM ANALYTICS July 6, 2023

How Automated Vision Inspection Technologies Help Build Stronger, Profitable Brands

Unlock the power of automated vision inspection technologies for your bakery products. Achieve 100% product inspection, minimize waste, and boost brand appeal. Stay ahead with advanced visual quality assurance solutions.

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  • P Other process optimisation options
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About us

KPM Analytics provides a comprehensive range of products and services to uniquely solve our customers’ problems. We offer analytical and control solutions that uphold the quality of your products, protect your brand value, and reduce your operational costs.

Our solutions cover several key areas:

  • Functional & rheological analysis for grain, flour and dough
  • NIR for moisture and compositional analysis
  • Machine vision inspection for processed food products and packages

Our thoughtful meticulously crafted technology solutions accompany you at every step of your process.

  • In the lab, to predict dough behavior during production
  • At reception, to check quality parameters of incoming products
  • At-line and online, to measure and objectively control dough, moisture and physical characteristics


We Craft Assurance.