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Spanish producer of UHT dairy and dairy blend creams designed for Horeca, ice cream, and Bakery industry.


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  • R Dairy products
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  • F Artisan bakery

About us

As a leading force in Spain's dairy sector, we specialize in crafting and distributing premium dairy products. With two cutting-edge factories, our Guadalajara plant, known as Liasa, focuses on pasteurized cream, UHT products, and dairy preparations under the KEN brand. Meanwhile, using highly advanced technology, our A Coruña facility, Inleit Ingredients, produces high-value milk-derived items, such as Whey protein, functional proteins, caseins, permeates and milk powder among others.

We prioritize innovation and quality, boasting a dedicated workforce of over 450 professionals. In 2022, we achieved a turnover exceeding 342 million euros. Our reach extends internationally, with branches in Spain and Italy and a vast distribution network. We also export our products to more than 60 countries, solidifying our international reputation in the dairy industry.