MAJA-Maschinenfabrik Hermann Schill

MAJA-Maschinenfabrik Hermann Schill

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Marel is a leading global provider of food processing technology. Its extensive portfolio includes innovative solutions from TREIF and MAJA, which are now parts of the Marel family. With a commitment to excellence and sustainability!


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  • P Ice machines

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MAJA is part of Marel

Combining strength and innovation and entering new markets

In 2018, MAJA joined forces with Marel bringing together two leaders in technology for the food industry. Best practices deepen our product expertise and leverage our combined resources to offer best-in-class technology to our customers.

The MAJA range complements Marel's wide portfolio of secondary processing equipment for pigs, cattle, poultry and fish. MAJA ice machines offer many cooling applications for the production and refrigeration of foodstuff. In the Marel location MAJA-Maschinenfabrik in Kehl, about 200 people are working in development, manufacturing, global distribution and after-sales of high-quality skinners, portion cutting solutions as well as ice machines.