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Since 1969, PANEM INTERNATIONAL has been the specialist brand in proving through the invention and development of retarder-proving (a true revolution for bakers). As a true refrigeration specialist, the company has developed equipment that meets the needs of food industry players such as retarder-pr


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Range of products

  • P Baking and storage racks
  • P Bakery equipment
  • P Freezer cabinets and chest freezers
  • P Automatic fermentation machines
  • P Fermentation rooms
  • P Refrigeration and fermentation technology
  • P Climate controlled cabinets and cells
  • P Cooling and freezing storage units
  • P Cooling tunnels
  • P Shock freezers and cells
  • F Baked goods
  • F Long-life baked products
  • F Donuts
  • F Pastries
  • F Cookies
  • F Small bread products
  • F Muffins
  • F Other finished products
  • F Gateaux and cakes

About us

In 1969, PANEM INTERNATIONAL became the specialist brand in proving through the invention and development of retarder-proving. 
Since then, PANEM INTERNATIONAL has been able to adapt to all the requests of actors in the food-processing sector by meeting their needs with equipment that provides innovation, reliability, practicality but also profitability. All our ranges are designed to ultimately work on the quality of finished products: cabinet, cell, workstation, freezer, preserver, showcases.
Capable of producing both a series piece of furniture selected from our catalog as well as tailor-made equipment designed by our design office, PANEM INTERNATIONAL knows how to meet all needs, whether for the artisan baker or the food-processing sector industrialist with greater production capacities. Drawing on the benefits of its many years of design and production experience, all processes related to the food industry are mastered, such as retarder-proving, proofing, deep-freezing, cooling, preservation, storage, maturation, crusting and many others… For each need PANEM INTERNATIONAL strives to find the most suitable cold solution!
With a strong sales team relying on a network of distributors in France and Export, PANEM INTERNATIONAL covers an unlimited geographical area and can thus have sales and technical teams on site for sales, installations and maintenance .
Our entire sales team is at your disposal to discuss your project.