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Advanced Custom Automation for industrial applications. Specialized in rack & trolley loaders/unloaders, tray & board transfer/queuing, pan & basket stackers / unstackers. Additional automated solutions include 3D dough scoring, vacuum depanning, pan & board cleaners, panning & indexing conveyors.


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Range of products

  • P Baking and storage racks
  • P Bakery equipment
  • L Delivery vehicles
  • L Machine knives
  • L Cutting machines
  • P Automation

About us

Robotray was born from the need to automate processes in their own bakery, BakeryCorp. Since then, they have been working to meet the needs of the bakers. They try to help improve productivity and the quality of the products making the companies more profitable, as they did for their own bakery.

Their goal is the movement of trays and racks, in many ways and at very high speeds, which makes us stand out in the sector. They take care of carefully handling products, eliminating delays in the processes.

2o years after its founding, they not only work for bakeries but although it is the sector they know best, their systems can also be adapted to any process that requires the movement of trays and products. In recent years, Robotray has developed business in new sectors, such as dairy, chocolate manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, dehydrated food, meat companies, and even the dog food sector. Every day more sectors are reached because the flexibility of its products is infinite whenever it is required to move trays, racks, and/or products.