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A world leading manufacturer of industrial ovens, provers, coolers and energy recovery systems with a full offering of support, maintenance, inspections and upgrades of existing equipment of any brand.


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Range of products

  • P Bakery equipment
  • P Pretzel ovens
  • P Gas ovens
  • P Cooling tunnels
  • P Ovens
  • P Pizza ovens
  • P Drying and cooling lines
  • P Tunnel ovens
  • F Sustainability

About us

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Our expertise provides class leading products and services that can be a massive step in achieving your net-zero strategy.

 We support many well-known food producers by supplying equipment that improves processes, production times, product quality and control.

 Equipment solutions are tailored to fit customers’ unique requirements. Whether it is bread, biscuits, pies, pizzas or pet food, we have flexibility of design for each application and processes.

 Our knowledge of energy and efficiency can help you take a massive step towards your sustainability ambitions. Spooner equipment can be dual-fuelled from new or can be retro-fitted later, so choosing Spooner is never the wrong decision.Spooner Offering Image.png (0.1 MB)

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