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Since 1955, Stoppil has been serving the craft and industrial bakeries and pastries, providing them hight quality material. French designer and manufacturer of water meters and water chillers, we offer solutions for your production, whatever your daily volume.


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Range of products

  • P Dosing machines
  • P Cooling and freezing storage units
  • P Other packaging machines
  • F Artisan bakery

About us

Stoppil is a french designer and manufacturer of dosing machines. It was created by Mr Yves Luce which idea was to offer to the bakeries a device to dose the water into the kneaders. Released for the first time in 1955 the first mechanic water meter was an immediate success.

20 years later, the company has developed its activity in the industry, using its savoir-faire to design filling machines for production lines. Today both activities stand together and Stoppil's aim is to satisfy each of its clients, bakeries or industrials.

For more than 50 years, our dosing machines have been manufactured in our workshop in France.