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WIESHEU GmbH is a pioneer and market leader in baking at the PoS. More than 10,000 "Made in Germany" baking ovens are manufactured annually at the headquarters in Großbottwar and at the Wolfen site. The company is also represented by its own companies in France, Poland and Spain.

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Range of products

  • P Bakery equipment
  • P Pretzel ovens
  • P Deck ovens
  • P Shop ovens
  • P Microwave ovens
  • P Ovens
  • S Shop fittings and accessories

About us


Principles for successful growth.

WIESHEU represents innovative products and solutions for professional users of in-store baking ovens, and supplements this with excellent customer service.

Marga and Karlheinz Wiesheu founded the company over 45 years ago under the simplest of conditions. In the proverbial garage in Burgstetten, the energetic company boss built his first baking oven with top and bottom heating in 1973, all to prepare a typically Swabian and Bavarian speciality: meat loaf. WIESHEU manufactured the first convection baking ovens for butcher’s shops in 1975.

Since its introduction in the late 1990s, in-store baking has developed from a pure stage-setting of the baking procedure to a production and presentation process. WIESHEU has not only been part of this process but has long since sustainably shaped it. 

The principle idea behind the in-store baking oven – i.e. to bake goods of the highest quality in a small space – has now become the expected standard. Companies have a distinct competitive advantage when they design the human/machine interface and branch work processes efficiently and intelligently. These themes are equality relevant to the bakery and food-retail trades.

Thanks to our creativity and the knowledge we have acquired, we have become one of Germany’s leading companies, and have grown in importance internationally since 1973. Behind this success are our people who embody a value-oriented corporate culture.

WIESHEU is committed to complying with social welfare standards and aligns itself to the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) which was developed as part of the European Foreign Trade Association. WIESHEU also extends this commitment to its suppliers.

WIESHEU stands for:

  • 50 years of experience
  • Innovation
  • Market leader in in-store baking