WP Kemper

Short description

We are WP Kemper. We have been working for bakers for more than 100 years. We develop, build, install and service mixers and mixing systems, frying systems, roll systems as well as dough sheeters for roll and bread production. So we know what matters in bakeries.

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Range of products

  • P Make-up lines
  • P Bagel machines
  • P Baguette machines and lines
  • P Bread lines
  • P Bread roll machines and lines
  • P Doughnut machines
  • P Dosing machines
  • P Fryer and fryer lines
  • P Pastry moulding machines
  • P Lifting tippers
  • P Basins
  • P Kneaders, kneading systems and kneading equipment
  • P Moulder for special products
  • P Machines for bread, rolls and pastry production
  • P Long and round moulders
  • P Cutting devices, stamping machines
  • P Special bread machines and lines
  • P Special bread roll machines and lines
  • P Preparing dough
  • P Dough portioning hopper
  • P Dough divider
  • P Automation
  • F Digitalisation
  • F Turnkey solutions

About us

We are WP Kemper. We work for bakers. We develop, build, install and look after machines and equipment for bakeries. Ranging from artisan enterprises to full-scale industrial operations. Worldwide. We have been in the business for over 100 years and know pretty much everything there is to know about how bakeries work.

That gives us unique competencies. Our specialties? Mixers and mixing systems for dough processing, frying systems (donuts, Berliners, etc.), roll systems with dividing and moulding machines as well as dough sheeters for roll and bread production. We know what‘s important in bakeries.

We understand bakers and their products, the processes they use in production, and the technology that goes into these systems. We are mechanical engineers. And we are bakers. Always have been. We take care of the engineering and the complete project management right up to delivery of fully customized turn-key solutions. Our service includes planning and design of the production interfaces.