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With more than 10 years of experience we manufacture Industrial inkjet printers for food decoration with edible liquids. Those printers offers: Single pass” – a single pass: continuous printing up to 30m/min and over. Maximu flexibility. Minimum print cost. Low energy consumption. Low maintenance


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  • P Decorating machines

About us

When we began our journey in digital printing we could never have thought of achieving such results, nevertheless, thanks to continuous innovation, to our partners, and to our customers we could conceive a line of single pass in-line inkjet printers for decoration with edible dyes.
This synthetically represents the potential of digital printing and flexibility at the service of creativity.
Since 2011 we realise a line of printers, conceived and made by Xlogic, in order to print with an in-line ink ( food grade ink according to CE or FDE laws ) jet directly on food.