Anko Food Machine

Anko Food Machine


Anko Food Machine was founded in Taiwan in 1978, dedicated to providing quality food production solutions. We offer turnkey planning services and highly diversified production solutions to meet clients’ needs. We look forward to assisting our clients in creating unprecedented market opportunities!


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  • P Ausrollmaschinen
  • P Bagelmaschinen
  • P Bauteile und Maschinenzubehör
  • P Gebäckfüllmaschinen
  • P Gemüseschneidemaschinen
  • P Maschinen zur Brot- und Gebäckherstellung
  • P Nudel- und Pizzaherstellung
  • P Pancake-Herstellungsmaschinen
  • P Pizzaanlagen
  • P Steuerungssysteme
  • P Teigteiler
  • V Verschließmaschinen
  • P Automatisierung
  • P Produktveredelung
  • D Produktions- und Betriebsstättenplanung
  • F Komplettlösungen
  • F Qualitätssicherung

Über uns

About ANKO

ANKO Food Machinery is a globally recognized professional consulting company specializing in the field of ethnic food manufacturing machinery. ANKO is headquartered in Taiwan with branch offices in North America and 16 regional distributors in several countries. We have served and been recognized by more than 2,500 clients in 112 countries around the world.

Turnkey planning services and highly diversified production solutions
ANKO sells a wide range of food machines from ingredient preparing, forming, and packaging, as well as provides comprehensive consulting services including entry-level consultation addressing the transition from traditional food making into automated food manufacturing, factory configuration, recipe optimization, improvement, as well as new product development and customization.

Co-create unique products with the clients and turn ideas into business opportunities
ANKO worked closely with our clients on developing various authentic ethnic food products for different markets. We have strong R&D capabilities to realize customers' creative ideas and successfully launch products with market differentiation. More than 300 exclusive product molds have been designed for ANKO’s most popular HLT Series. machine.

ANKO Food Lab bring food recipes and machine together
ANKO understands the importance of matching food recipes with machine production.ANKO Food Lab provides services that include
1. Recipe Essentials And Introduction.
2. Product Quality Control And Enhancement
3. Production Automation
4. Cost Control

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