JUFEBA - For more than 50 years now, our brand stands for Bakery Equipment and Donut Frying Technology of the highest quality. Our family-run business combines production and sales under one roof. This makes our JUFEBA appliances unique and handcrafted in Germany.


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  • P Backstubeneinrichtung
  • P Belaugungsmaschinen
  • P Beschickungsmaschinen und -apparate
  • P Brezelbacköfen
  • P Donutmaschinen
  • P Dressier- und Spritzmaschinen
  • P Fettbackgeräte, Fettbacklinien
  • P Förderanlagen und -bänder
  • P Gärautomaten
  • P Gärgutträger und -tücher
  • P Gärräume
  • P Gebäckfüllmaschinen
  • P Glasiermaschinen
  • P Halb- und vollautomatische Beschickungsanlagen
  • P Kipptrögel und Wendeeinrichtungen
  • P Netzbandöfen
  • P Rühr- und Kochmaschinen, Cremekocher
  • P Temperiergeräte und -maschinen
  • D Kundenservice und Wartungsservice
  • F Digitalisierung
  • F Handwerk
  • F Qualitätssicherung

Über uns

Our family-run business in the North of Germany combines production and sales under one roof, which is exactly what distinguishes us from other companies in the industry: From cutting the raw stainless steel, to the wiring of the electronics... The brand JUFEBA means every single step is done by hand.

This not only allows us to maintain the highest standards in the quality and finish of our products, but also enables us to respond to individual customer requests.

Either way, every JUFEBA device that leaves our factory is a unique piece of German Craftsmanship.