Middleby Bakery

Middleby Bakery


Baking Dreams Come True. Providing reliable low and high volume equipment solutions for the production of bread, rolls and buns, as well as cakes, biscuits, cereal, baked snacks and much more.


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  • P Aufarbeitungs- und Feingebäcklinien
  • P Backstubeneinrichtung
  • P Brotanlagen
  • P Brötchenmaschinen und -anlagen
  • P Dispensersysteme
  • P Etagenöfen
  • P Förderanlagen und -bänder
  • P Gebäckfüllmaschinen
  • P Kühl- und Tiefkühlräume und -anlagen
  • P Maschinen zur Brot- und Gebäckherstellung
  • P Mikrowellenöfen
  • P Misch-, Planetenrühr- und Anschlagmaschinen
  • P Teigbereitung
  • P Teigteiler
  • P Tunnelöfen
  • P Waffel- und Gebäckanlagen
  • L Palettieranlagen
  • L Sonstige externe Warentransportsysteme
  • V Brotverpackungsmaschinen
  • V Vakuummaschinen
  • V Verschließmaschinen
  • P Automatisierung
  • P Produktionsmanagement
  • P Qualitätsmanagement
  • P Robotik
  • R Korbwaschmaschinen
  • F Handwerk
  • F Komplettlösungen
  • F Nachhaltigkeit
  • F Qualitätssicherung

Über uns

Whatever you knead, we've got you covered with industrial baking equipment for all baking processes, from dough mixing, feeding and forming, laminating and sheeting to baking and cooling, as well as automatic handling solutions for de-panning and feed to slicers and baggers, producing consistent products with a high quality finish. With over 500 years of technical food processing expertise we can help you take your ingredients and create the next winning product or test and improve your current products using your process parameters. 

Top of the Line Equipment for Breads | Buns | Cookies | Crackers | Cakes | Muffins | Pastries | Pies | Pizzas

From these Middleby Bakery Brands

Auto-Bake Serpentine, Baker Thermal Solutions, Burford, Escher Mixers, Glimek, Hinds-Bock, Proxaut, Pacproinc, Scanico, Spooner Vicars, Stewart Systems, Sveba Dahlen, Varimixer, Key-Log, Desmon, Firex, Lincat, Houno Invoq, TurboChef

One Continuous Perfect Bake from End to End