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  • R Backmittel für Brot und Kleingebäck
  • R Backmittel für Feine Backwaren
  • R Cremepulver, Vanillecremepulver
  • R Dekorartikel
  • R Eissoßen
  • R Emulgatoren
  • R Enzyme
  • R Fruchtige Füllungen und Auflagen
  • R Füllungen, Auflagen, Überzüge, Hohlkörper
  • R Glanzstreichen
  • R Kakaopulver
  • R Kuvertüren, Schokoladen
  • R Mehle und Schrote
  • R Sonstige Lebensmittelzusatzstoffe
  • R Sonstige Rohstoffe
  • R Süße Füllungen und Auflagen
  • R Vormischungen für Brot und Kleingebäck
  • R Vormischungen für Feine Backwaren
  • R Zuckerglasuren, Fondant
  • R Zuckerprodukte
  • F Food trends
  • F Handwerk

Über uns

Established in 1997 to serve the flour and bakery products sector, Polen Food started its journey with the production and sale of flour and bread improvers; It has become one of the international companies in the sector in a short time with the value it attaches to quality and innovation, its constantly developing team, researcher spirit, solution-oriented and innovative approach.

Polen Food, the leading company of Turkey in the flour improver sector, has successfully included in its product portfolio in the pastry, chocolate and industrial sauce markets, as well as the world bread market. With its high production capacity and equipped infrastructure to meet all the needs in the flour & pastry sector, it operates in a total area of 32.000 m² with its production facilities in Istanbul Esenyurt, Çorlu European Free Zone and Çorlu Türkgücü.

Polen Food, which has a widespread customer network in the domestic market, continues its way with firm steps in the global sense with its exports to more than 60 countries. In addition to the support it offers to its customers with its well-equipped workforce and continuously developed technical infrastructure, Polen shares its knowledge with its customers through seminars, training and application studies organized at the R&D and Innovation Center.

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