Revent International

Revent International


Revent is a world leading manufacturer of high-quality rotating rack ovens. They are all designed to supply quality bread and pastry for all people in a sustainable world. Our ovens are baking daily in more than 100 countries. In Bread We Trust.

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Über uns

Empowering bakers since 1958


Revent is the leading manufacturer of rotating rack ovens and has been in the forefront of “state-of-the-art baking technology” ever since we introduced the world’s first rack oven in 1958. The ONE series of round ovens is our latest innovation of high quality and energy efficient baking machinery. Today our range is more diverse and complete than ever.

We are truly a global company with four sales offices and production facilities in Sweden and in the USA. Our ovens are baking daily in more than 100 countries. The Revent technical department supports service companies all over the world. We know the international bread business, who’s who and what will work where.

Over the years, our devotion has driven many innovations leading to an even bake with perfect color and crust, less weight loss, minimized waiting time in between the bakes, minimized down-time in oven installation, minimized heat loss, and on top of it all, the oven is safe and easy to use. We have always set high demands on sustainability and all our ovens have one thing in common: to simplify the art of making excellent bread and pastry with less environmental impact.

But all our market knowledge and technical competence would lead nowhere unless we worked closely with the men and women who rise early, work hard and bake bread. Our true heroes: the bakers. We promise to continue to supply equipment that will help bakeries around the world to stay competitive for many years to come.

In Bread We Trust.