Vibrofloors specializes in manufacturing and providing turn-key flooring systems mainly in food industry. Over 30 years of experience is guaranteed! Our teams from our worldwide offices provide everything from design, supply, execution, maintenance, warranty.


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Über uns

Vibrofloors World Group, with its several offices worldwide, specializes in manufacturing and providing turn-key flooring systems for heavily used floors in different environments of food and beverage industries with single source of responsibility for the end-users.

As a world leader in the industrial flooring with over 30 years of experience and with more than 3.000.000 m2 applied guarantees maximum resistance, longevity and hygienic floors.

 Vibrofloors believes that cleanness, hygiene and longevity are the most important requirements for floors in the food industry, and helps to meet the highest HACCP and EC standards.

Vibrofloors ceramic floors must be chemical and acid resistant as well as hard wearing. To guarantee longevity they have to withstand heavy point loading, high volume of vehicular traffic (forklifts, pallet trolleys) or heavy machines and production facilities. Only the highest density materials used by Vibrofloors ensure that the floor absorbs no liquids. In the food processing industry are floors subjected to thermal exposure, continuous exposure, corrosive chemicals in various concentrations like Caustic Soda, Natrium Chloride, Nitric Acid as well as oils, fats etc. Vibrofloors World Group with its VIBROCHEM® system and VIBRATION METHOD improve technical quality of materials.

Vibrofloors team provides everything from design, execution, maintenance and warranty. It is a complete system!