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e2n analytics powered by sell & pick

By using e2n analytics powered by sell & pick, you get a software solution that allows you to analyze the performance of your stores, react quickly and make data-based decisions.

Learn from your own business

e2n analytics, powered by sell & pick, provides the solution to identify and leverage hidden potential within your business. Benchmarking allows you to compare the performance of your individual stores with the best within the entire company context. In this way, you gain valuable insights from best practices and can optimize your processes by learning from best practices.

With a growing number of stores, it's critical to keep an eye on the profitability of all locations and respond quickly when needed. Business intelligence (BI), also known as data analytics, systematically prepares your company's data and makes it usable. The insights gained from these analyses enable you to make informed business decisions that create long-term added value for the success of your company.

Create comparability

Experience the benefits of a clear data presentation for all your branches: Business Intelligence enables huge savings in time and resources when creating reports. In addition, you get an immediate overview of all relevant key figures. So you can see directly which location:

  • achieves the highest turnover
  • has the highest turnover rate
  • has the highest personnel costs

All this information is available to you at any time. In addition, e2n analytics facilitates the identification of correlations between different key figures. With just a few clicks, you gain valuable insights and make informed decisions for optimal site management. Increase the efficiency of your business processes and exploit the full potential of your stores - thanks to the clear view offered by business intelligence.

Work with benchmarking

Benchmarking is a continuous evaluation process that compares the performance of individual stores with the best in the entire corporate context, known as benchmarks. Through these comparisons within your organization and its locations, you can quickly identify which stores are not currently performing optimally and take appropriate action. You'll get direct insights into how each site is performing against the following - each compared to the average:

  • productivity
  • perspnell costs
  • total hours

The insights gained serve as the basis for strategic decisions to make targeted improvements and realize the full potential of your business. With this data-driven approach, you can sustainably increase the efficiency and success of your company.

Learn more about e2n analytics

Are you curious and want to get a first insight into the topic of Business Intelligence? Take the first steps towards optimal business management with e2n analytics, powered by sell & pick, and get to grips with your KPIs. Identify the potential in your company and use it wisely. Compare the performance of your stores, benefit from AI-based sales forecasts for your service planning, and optimize your business processes through data-based evaluations. If you are curious and want to get a first insight into the topic, visit e2n at their booth in hall A4, booth A540, or book your non-binding consultation now to discover your potential for success with e2n analytics, powered by sell & pick.