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WIESHEU A3 / 330
Use case

Revolution: AI-controlled in-store baking

In-store baking in food retailing is growing while cost pressures are high. A lack of experienced employees, high time requirements, and much more present challenges for operators. Bakisto is the answer.

BBN Kassensystem A4 / 357

BBN-Prognos, the AI order tool

BBN-Prognos: Optimal order suggestions and reliable forecasts. In order to throw away less and generate more, up to 100 percent automated order suggestions can be generated thanks to AI support from BBN-Prognos. Now with a new interface and even more functions.

sell & pick A4 / 610

e2n analytics powered by sell & pick

By using e2n analytics powered by sell & pick, you get a software solution that allows you to analyze the performance of your stores, react quickly and make data-based decisions.

FoodTracks A4 / 538

Together against climate change

Through digitalization and AI, the FoodTracks software helps reduce the surplus of baked goods and thus campaigns against food waste and climate change.

FoodTracks A4 / 538
Use case

Geiping - Reduced waste through AI

The Geiping bakery reduced its return quantities, and thus food waste, with the help of FoodTracks`s software, while at the same time guaranteeing article availability as well as increasing its turnover.

Primera Technology B1 / 146

Eddie® The Edible Ink Printer

Print photos, logos, and graphics directly onto cookies, macarons, fondant, white chocolate, and other confections with Eddie® The Edible Ink Printer.

Baguette Academy A4 / START7
Startup Pitch

Discover the Baguette Academy

Discover the Baguette Academy, your partner in digital training in French bakery. 🥖👉 Find our courses and trainings on

Chewco by Texture Maker B4 / 215

Bake the Future with Chewco's New AR Training Platform

Texture Maker launches Chewco Bake KaaS (Knowledge-As-A-Service), a professional bakery training solution with augmented reality. In a quality-driven industry, this online platform aims to provide baking pros with all the tools necessary for not just meeting, but exceeding customer expectations.

Pocketshop A4 / START29

🥖📱 How Pocketshop App is Revolutionizing Bakeries!

Fast, efficient, and innovative: The bakery industry is stepping into the digital age with the new Pocketshop App. Discover how the app not only relieves staff but also boosts sales!

KMZ Kassensystem A2 / 341

get2go: the bakery app for customer loyalty

With the get2go app, KMZ offers customer loyalty of the future and enables bakeries to reach customers personally - even if they are not present on site at the time.

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