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Eddie® – The Edible Ink Confection Printer

Print photos, logos, and graphics directly onto cookies, macarons, fondant, and other confections with Eddie® The Edible Ink Printer. Prints over 300 cookies per hour. Commercial quality. Fully certified. Highly-rated. Free worldwide shipping.

How Does Eddie Work?

Eddie prints full-color photographs and text directly onto the surface of cookies, macarons, fondant, or other suitable food items. For example, the edible ink printer will hold up to twelve 3.5” (90mm) cookies on a circulating tray. Each cookie is automatically drawn into the printer one at a time. The printer then prints directly onto the surface of the item, rotates, feeds, and prints the next cookie.

Food Industry Certifications

The print head and all inks are certified as GMP components. Eddie is also Kosher (Pareve) certified and is the first and only edible ink printer ever approved by NSF®, a USA-based company that certifies hundreds of thousands of items used in food preparation, including tables, cookware, machines, and other devices for use in food service. 

Print Uniquely Shaped Cookies Using Eddie’s Manual Feed

Eddie comes standard with a carousel for printing round cookies and other shapes; however, manual feed allows bakers to print uniquely shaped cookies like hexagons and plaques one at a time.


  • Print one cookie in 10 seconds or 12 in 2 minutes
  • Approximate ink cost per print is $0.06 per 3" cookie
  • Included tray holds 2.5" to 4.375"(63.5mm - 110mm) cookies
  • Also prints great on macarons, marshmallows, lollipops, white chocolate toppers for cakes and donuts, and much more
  • Free tech support for the life of the printer
  • One-year limited warranty
  • Worldwide 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Eddie’s Edible Ink Cartridges
Unlike most edible ink printers on the market, Eddie is fully certified for food-grade use. In addition to the printer’s NSF certification, the print head and all inks are certified as GMP components. Two different types of ink are available; one is approved for use in the USA and Canada, and the other for the European Union (EU). Cyan and Yellow are identical in both ink formulations. The only difference is with the composition of the Magenta ink. 

Primera Technology

Primera, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of specialized digital printing equipment, is now using its expertise to design and manufacture an automated, desktop direct-to-cookie printer for cookies, candies, chocolates, macarons, and more. Users will include bakeries, candy makers, caterers, food service, event planners, and even amusement parks.