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WIESHEU February 7, 2024
Use case

WIESHEU Ovens: The Heart of Böhm Bakery

In Nordheim, master baker Daniel Böhm transforms the bakery into a center of innovation. With WIESHEU ovens at his side, he manages to find the balance between proven baking tradition and the most modern technology.

Rademaker January 3, 2024

From baguettes to bread variety: Art of baking redefined

Discover how the Rademaker bread line combines craftsmanship with state-of-the-art technology. Although perfectly developed for baguettes, this line is also convincing in the production of a variety of other types of bread. Ideal for producers who want to combine quality and flexibility.

JAC January 3, 2024

Easyform: Your Key to Efficiency and Quality

Do you want to elevate your bakery business to the next level? With the Easyform bakery divider, you bring efficiency and quality into your bakery. Easyform is not only environmentally friendly and economical in use, but also ideal for use in small spaces!

Maxima Bakery Machines December 16, 2023

Commercial Oven: Why this investment is crucial for your business

Discover how a commercial oven can boost your kitchen's productivity. We highlight 6 reasons why this investment is crucial for your business – from quality assurance to multifunctional capabilities.

ALTUNTOP December 5, 2023

Bakery Revolution: High-Performance Dough Machines

Enhance your bakery's production with our Dough Divider, Conical, Intermediate Proofer, and Moulder Machines. Experience how you can improve bread quality, increase capacity, and reduce the workforce. Our CE-certified machines are your key to efficient and high-quality baking.

AMF Bakery Systems December 5, 2023

Less waste, more precision

Discover how modern technologies in the bakery industry reduce waste and increase precision. Our article highlights groundbreaking developments for a more efficient, sustainable future. Your path to sustainable baking success begins here.

FARHAT Bakery equipment December 5, 2023

Greetings from Farhat Bakery Equipment!

Celebrating our 50th anniversary, we thank you for your continued support. Discover in this article our groundbreaking innovations from iba 2023 and learn how these advancements will transform your bakery production and usher in a new era of baking!

SALTEK December 5, 2023

Saltek's Success Stories: Global Pita Perfection

With over 40 years of experience, Saltek sets global standards in pita bread production. Our customers, ranging from 'Pain du Soleil' to 'Fancy Pokket Corporation', confirm the quality and reliability. Over 3000 successful pita projects in more than 92 countries make Saltek a global leader!

Beldos October 30, 2023

A real innovation in depositing

Check out our brand new Belcooking Kettle 1050 PP Filling- & Sealing Machine - an automated filling machine in combination with sealing machine for plastic pet bags, cups or tray’s.

iba 2023

UCM October 30, 2023

Ultrasonics cutting equipment

At UCM ULTRASONICS® we design and manufacture the full range of ultrasonic cutting components. The full range of components is composed of a generator, a transducer, a booster, and one or more blades.

iba 2023

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