Product-Highlight iba 2023

get2go: the bakery app for customer loyalty

With the get2go app, KMZ offers customer loyalty of the future and enables bakeries to reach customers personally - even if they are not present on site at the time.

The app brings customer loyalty to the smartphone - with coupons, product info, store finder, push notifications, pre-orders, purchase history, credit function and much more.

get2go replaces the classic loyalty card. Loyalty cards are a popular customer loyalty tool. Their usage rate is quite high with 30-40 percent of cards in circulation. The new app eliminates the need to create customer cards or print paper stamp booklets. It can no longer get lost in the chaos of cards in the wallet and, as an app, is always available and retrievable at hand on the smartphone. 

get2go is customized for each bakery and is available under the bakery's name in the AppStore/Playstore. The modular structure of the app makes it possible to expand the range of functions quite easily and to benefit from the ideal networking between cash register, merchandise management and app. It offers numerous opportunities to reach new target customers and to sustainably retain existing customers through coupons or promotions. 

KMZ has been a POS partner for bakeries for 20 years. In addition to innovative POS systems, KMZ offers payment for cashless payments and web-based technologies for customer loyalty and sales promotion.