Product-Highlight iba 2023

The new hygienic line: hardware product for interfacing M.E.S. with production

TouchTower Hygienic, the best combination of functionality and design. An advanced design study on industrial hygiene, regulations and usability for uninterrupted operation, essential to ensure production.

The TouchTower is designed to manage and streamline production operations through efficient interaction between the human operator and the machine. This reduces downtime and optimizes production efficiency.
These systems are designed with an idea of robustness to ensure maximum reliability in the production environment. Their robustness makes them ideal for continuous operations, which are essential for ensuring uninterrupted production.
Another strength of these machines is their compliance with quality standards. They are designed following the strict guidelines of the "3A standard," thus ensuring easy cleaning to minimize cross-contamination.
They can also be supplied, in addition to CE marking, in ATEX and UL versions to meet the most stringent safety requirements.
In conclusion, the Touch Tower represents a leap forward in industrial innovation. Its speed, robustness and versatility make it essential for managing production processes in the bakery world.