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AMF Bakery Systems C2 / 110

Bakery lines, systems and specialized units

Introducing AMF Bakery Systems, global partner for best-in-class unit equipment and complete system solutions, with local presence and support. Turn-key lines, system integration and active in many market segments like soft bread & buns, artisan bread, pizza & flatbreads, cake & pie, and pastry.

Tidetron Bioworks A4 / START8
Startup Pitch

Tidetron Bioworks

Tidetron Bioworks focuses on synthetic biology's potential to address pressing global challenges. It is a pioneering synthetic biology manufacturing platform and LET'S FIND OUT HOW IT WILL CHANGE THE WORLD!

König Maschinen several locations

Smart scoring innovation: ISCORE unit from Koenig Baking Equipment

The newly developed scoring unit allows cutting of all dough pieces in the most efficient way and with the highest quality. “Our aim is to ensure that our clients achieve excellent scoring quality in their dough, day after day”, Ramón González López (Robotics Application Manager).

RONDO A1 / 211

Launch of the Smart Bread Line

RONDO is proud to announce the official launch of its most recent automated line for bread production. Your choice for dough handling of up to 1'000 kg / hour.


Clarity Process Management

Shick Esteve provides integrated data and process control that focuses on giving customers greater access to their data. Clarity Process Management provides clarity of data in a contextual format, allowing customers to make real-time decisions that will maximize their production efficiencies.

FRITSCH A2 / 111

Compact and flexible - the bread line for branch bakers: PROGRESSA bread

With the PROGRESSA bread, FRITSCH offers a bread line especially for branch bakers. The compact solution combines a completely new hygiene concept with the highest product quality on a small footprint. Learn more about the advantages of this new solution here.

JAC A3 / 216
Experience at the booth

The JAC sandwich bar

Come and discover the possibilities offered by bread slicers thanks to our sandwich bar. We will show you all the possibilities you can get by playing with the different breads and their ideal slice thickness.


How Automated Vision Inspection Technologies Help Build Stronger, Profitable Brands

Unlock the power of automated vision inspection technologies for your bakery products. Achieve 100% product inspection, minimize waste, and boost brand appeal. Stay ahead with advanced visual quality assurance solutions.

JAC A3 / 216

Varia variable bread slicer

Each loaf has its ideal slice thickness. La Varia offers the best of JAC in a stylish and easy to use bread slicer. It is a compendium of technology that will allow the artisan baker to showcase his products.

Rheon Automatic Machinery B3 / 410

Rheon Model VX-222 Twin Divider

The VX-222 accurately portion the dough sheet at a desired weight or length. The double-lane layout, together with Rheon’s Gravimetric Method® cutting system, allows a wider portioning range from larger products with 1-lane to smaller products with 2-lane cutting.

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