Novelty iba 2023

The revolution in in-store baking: our Shop-UDO

Faster, more flexible and more sustainable with the UDO vacuum oven Winner of the Südback DBZ Trophy 2022. 70% shorter deployment time and 40% shorter baking times, optimum crispness and freshness and reduction of the return rate.

Baking takes place through the combination of vacuum, steam, thermal radiation and air circulation. Due to the much faster transfer of the condensation heat and the release of the moisture contained in the steam to the crumb, the process breaks away from the principle of heat conduction of a substance (crumb, crust). This shortens the baking process by up to 50% and the usual weight loss during baking is partially reduced to 0 (zero).

The vacuum cooling phase that follows (if desired) at the end of each baking process cools down in seconds to temperatures that guarantee immediate availability. At the same time, the shape stabilizes so that it lasts over the entire sales period. Crispness, freshness and crumb moisture are retained longer than with any other baking process.


  • 70% shorter preparation time when baking frozen dough pieces
  • 40% shorter baking times and correspondingly lower energy consumption
  • little to no weight loss through baking, resulting in up to 10% less dough weight
  • Vacuum cooling directly at the end of the baking process and directly in the baking chamber ensures optimal crispness and freshness and a stable volume without creases
  • Reduction of the return rate: the up to 70% shorter reaction time when baking missing goods (from baking to availability in sales) makes baking in advance unnecessary
  • Extremely simple operation, even by unskilled personnel: thawing, cooking, baking and (vacuum) cooling in a single step.

Due to the dimensions and connection values, the vacuum oven fits everywhere that a conventional in-store oven also fits.

Due to the significantly lower energy consumption and the high-quality materials used (baking chamber, frame and cladding, all in recyclable stainless steel) and the associated long service life, the vacuum oven represents significant potential for active environmental protection (CO2 emissions and resource conservation).

The UDO opens up opportunities to significantly reduce tours, energy costs and returns and thus food waste.

You are welcome to visit us at our booth in Hall A3. No. 120 and find out more about our offers.

We look forward to seeing you.