Experience at the booth iba 2023

VMI displays IoT Technology and Virtual Reality at its "Innovation & Sustainability corner"

Staying attuned to trends and innovations and seamlessly integrating them into the bakery sector is not just crucial, but imperative. In line with this vision, VMI is set to dedicate a special section of its booth to Innovation and Sustainability.

Unveiling the Future Through Virtual Reality

Within this designated space, attendees will have the remarkable opportunity to experience firsthand the power of technology through virtual reality (VR). This immersive experience will allow them to witness industrial automated equipment on a true-to-life scale, transcending the limitations of physical space. It provides an unparalleled chance to explore tailored solutions that cater to unique requirements, while showcasing how our installations adeptly align with the demands of the professional landscape.

Empowering Bakery Industrials through Data-Driven Decision-Making and Optimization 

Furthermore, this corner serves as a platform to introduce our Connected Business Intelligence technology. With Octopus solutions® at the forefront, attendees will gain insight into the next frontier of interconnectedness and data-driven decision-making. This dynamic integration of technology into the bakery sector encapsulates VMI's commitment to progress, adaptation, and sustainability.