WP BakeryControl: Centralized data control in bakeries

WP BakeryControl is the central hub and control center for all your baking-related data. The app allows for the storage, display, and export of oven, recipe, and production data. Installation is a breeze with plug-and-play functionality, and it can be easily accessed on your mobile devices.

We make the production process transparent numerous variables can be finely adjusted within the scope of the production process to save as much energy as possible: the daily production schedule, machine usage, and scheduling, especially the planning of oven starts, oven occupancy, and the avoidance of idle times, the selection of optimal recipes, and the monitoring of ongoing production. All of this should ultimately be reflected in the energy consumption statistics and batch reports at the end of the day.

What more does WP BakeryControl offer?

Data is stored and analyzed, deviations are detected and reported - stationary and mobile, everywhere and anytime. Planning, executing, improving - it can be that simple!

Customer Benefits

We enable our customers to consistently plan their productions, achieve efficient production processes, maintain a constant level of quality, save energy, and implement a continuous improvement process.


Reduced consumption and efficient personnel usage through optimized production planning


Clear display of ongoing production with access to many details such as target vs. actual temperature and consumption comparisons


Energy consumption statistics by department, oven, and baking recipe for detailed analysis by energy experts. What effect does each improvement measure have?


The production history shows the chronological sequence of all baking processes. Idle times and improvement potential are immediately recognized. Operator errors such as premature loading or not finishing recipes on time are easy to identify and transparent for the staff. Operator errors can be avoided.

... less consumption!!! ... more freshness!!!

Let's transform your production processes together

Contact us and find out how WP BakeryControl can increase efficiency, quality, and sustainability in your company. We look forward to hearing from you!

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