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Ahlborn Maschinenfabrik

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For over three generations, our company has specialized in the loading and automation of baking ovens. We can look back on over seventy years experience in automating and linking of proofing and baking processes and have been regularly represented at the international bakery exposition IBA.


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Ahlborn Maschinenfabrik August 8, 2023

Setter lifter FLEXI-LIFT

With the FLEXI-LIFT, the laborious process of moving setters during manual loading and processing prior to imposition can in future be carried out by one person.

iba 2023

Ahlborn Maschinenfabrik August 7, 2023

Oven charging trolley LIFTCAR with lifting platform

3 Functions! Our LIFTCAR has all the advantages of a transport trolley, but it has a back-friendly lifting aid on board for the laborious loading at the deck oven. It can also be used as a mobile work table for processing dough pieces and the LIFTCAR can also be used in the proofing room.

iba 2023

Ahlborn Maschinenfabrik August 7, 2023

Find the perfect oven loader for your bakery with AHLBORN

Ergonomic loading and baking as one-man operation: Preserves health, helps save time and is easy on staff! What we need from you: Oven data sheet and photos of the desired location (structural obstacles if applicable) - select your type below.

iba 2023

Ahlborn Maschinenfabrik July 27, 2023

Deck-oven loading aid LIFTBOY-E (semi-automatic)

The LIFTBOY-E is your loading assistant for double and triple-width ovens. Loading is done by one OR two setters that are raised and lowered by motor. An oven deck is loaded with the LIFTBOY-E in less than 20 seconds!

iba 2023

Ahlborn Maschinenfabrik July 11, 2023

Ergonomic loading aid LIFTBOY

Our LIFTBOY is an ergonomic lifting table for the deck oven - the lowest and the top deck are loaded just as easily as all other oven decks - only easier on the body!

iba 2023

Ahlborn Maschinenfabrik July 11, 2023

Manual oven loader LIFTBOY-TWIN

Our LIFTBOY is an ergonomic loading aid on the deck oven - the lowest and the top decks are loaded just as easily with the LIFTBOY as all other oven decks - only easier on the body. The highlight of the "TWIN": A lifting table with 2 Setters!

iba 2023

Range of products

  • P Work tables
  • P Baking and storage racks
  • P Oven loading systems
  • P Bread roll machines and lines
  • P Proofing trays
  • P Fermentation rooms
  • P Semi and fully automatic loading systems
  • P Swing pans and turning devices
  • P Oven loading and unloading
  • P Column lift tables
  • P Transport trolleys
  • P Transfer tables
  • P Automation
  • P Production management
  • P Production planning
  • P Other process optimisation options

About us

Tradition in engineering over three generations

In 1945 Karl Ahlborn founded a small engineering workshop in order to meet the needs of the local ceramic industry for special purpose machines and tools. As early as 1949, bakery transport racks were manufuctured for an increased utilization.

Practically from the very beginning, his son, Fritz Ahlborn, stood by his side. As imaginative designer and successful entrepreneur he ran the company for more than 50 years and further developed as well as focused our core expertise on charging ovens.

Since 2006 his grandson, Dr.-Ing. Detlef Ahlborn, has been continuing the engineering tradition in its third generation. He and his team have decisively aimed at the business' innovative technology for oven charging. That is why nowadays, our product range extends from setters, tilting devices, automatic systems for loading rotating oven racks to fully automatic charging systems for deck ovens and reverse tunnel ovens.

We have been partners of well-known oven and bakery equipment manufacturers for decades and are very well grounded in linking proofing and baking processes by customized solutions.

Our company's philosophy has always been to design and construct sophisticated solutions in every detail which will enable our customers to fully exploit their rationalization potential. Only those who exhaust all the possibilities of low-cost and labor-saving production are able to remain competitive in the future. Even one single daily, a hundred fold recurring movement adds up to a decisive cost factor. This is exactly where we step in. Our products are elaborately designed down to the smallest detail and allow for an efficient production using state-of-the-art technology.

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