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Since 1992, Dvorak company has been supplying complete lines and equipment for the bakery and confectionery industry. We provide installation and putting each particular line into operation, warranty and and after sales service.


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Range of products

  • P Make-up lines
  • P Baking moulds and tins
  • P Bakery equipment
  • P Layer cake machines
  • P Oven loading systems
  • P Biscuit machines
  • P Bread lines
  • P Crêpe machines
  • P Dosing machines
  • P Gas ovens
  • P Glazing machines
  • P Toast and tin bread lines
  • P Kneaders, kneading systems and kneading equipment
  • P Cooling transport systems
  • P Cooling tunnels
  • P Machines for bread, rolls and pastry production
  • P Ovens
  • P Oven loading and unloading
  • P Pancake machines
  • P Stirring and boiling machines, cream cookers
  • P Special bread machines and lines
  • P Rotary ovens
  • P Preparing dough
  • P Dough portioning hopper
  • P Dough divider
  • P Dough transport systems
  • P Tempering devices and machines
  • P Drying and cooling lines
  • P Tunnel ovens
  • P Wafer and biscuit lines
  • P Waffle ovens
  • L Bread-slicing machines
  • P Bread packaging machines
  • P Other packaging machines
  • F Digitalisation
  • F Food trends
  • F Turnkey solutions

About us

Creating together since 1992

We like to make people around the world smiling as they enjoy cakes and products made with our lines. People throughout history and in every country have always loved sweets and we believe in the power of cakes and our other products to put smiles on people’s faces. That’s what makes us proud to be a machinery supplier to the confectionary and bakery business. We want to help our customers to make their products even tastier than before and to develop even more new technologies.

Currently, we intend to show you the following Food to go products and lines :  

  1. Folded Pancake line
  2. Character Cake line
  3. Sandwich Pancake line
  4. Sealed Sandwich – Toast sandwich line
  5. Onigiri- Rice Bowl line
  6. Wafer Cake line

Our vision
Our Food to go products enrich people’s lives in many ways. Sharing our products can help strengthen human relationships.

Our mission
We provide support for the manufacturing and marketing of our products, indirectly contributing to people’s hapiness.