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Eurocas is a fully owned family business focused on producing and offering the best quality/price ratio cake ingredients on the market. Our products are available in professional packaging for industrial use, but also retail packaging for at home bakers.


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Eurocas September 18, 2023

Artisanal margarine made in the EU, exported to over 30 countries

With an Italian know-how of 3 generations of margarine production, the Eurocas range of margarine proved its worth through quality and consistency and managed to find distribution partners in Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America.

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Eurocas September 12, 2023

The secret to fast production: Ready to Fill Bases

Choux pastry, éclairs shells, macaron halves, cannoli and mini tart shells are just a few of the extensive Eurocas range of ready to fill pastry products.

iba 2023

Eurocas September 11, 2023
Experience at the booth

Top quality Fruit Fillings, Toppings & more

Big fruit pieces, versatility and absolutely delicious. These are the characteristics of the extensive Eurocas range of bake stable fruit fillings and eye-catching toppings.

iba 2023

Eurocas September 5, 2023

Rhapsody & Dolce - the must-have combination of pastry and confectionery creams

Be it for filling pastry products before baking, after baking or mixing with whipping cream to obtain exquisite confectionery creams, the vast range of flavors offered by the Rhapsody and Dolce range are sure to prove a must-have for your customers.

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Eurocas September 5, 2023

The universe of Custard Vanilla creams

Looking into the vast offering of Eurocas products, you will find a diversified range of Custard Vanilla creams that cater to any taste and every market.

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Eurocas September 1, 2023

Golden Glow - the vegan egg wash alternative for baking

Golden Glow is a vegan alternative to the traditional egg-wash used on pastry and bakery doughs before baking. Golden Glow is a 100% vegetal UHT product packed in 1 liter Tetra Pak. It has a clean label, so you don’t need to declare any E numbers.

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Range of products

  • R Flavourings
  • R Improvers for bread and biscuits
  • R Improvers for cakes and pastries
  • R Powdered cream, vanilla sauce powder
  • R Decorative items
  • R Fats, oils
  • R Icing
  • R Fruity fillings and toppings
  • R Fillings, toppings, coatings and mouldings
  • R Glazes
  • R Cocoa powder
  • R Chocolate coverings, chocolates
  • R Food varnishes
  • R Free from ingredients
  • R Ingredients for gluten-free, lactose-free, vegan bakery products
  • R Special margarines
  • R Sweet fillings and toppings
  • R Premixes for bread and bread rolls
  • R Premixes for cakes and pastries
  • R Sugar glazings, fondant
  • R Sugar products
  • F Food trends
  • F Artisan bakery

About us

From delicious fillings and toppings and all the way to vegan egg-wash alternatives, Eurocas strives to offer innovative, perfectly calibrated products for each market's preferences and needs. 

People make or break a business. Not only is Eurocas a family owned business, the entire organization strives to create a family like atmosphere not only between the employees, but also with our business partners.

We are here to help your business grow. That’s why we’ll do everything we can from tweaking recipes, to private labels, to small MOQs, in order to help your company grow and be successful in your market. Your success, is our success.