Product-Highlight iba 2023

Artisanal margarine made in the EU, exported to over 30 countries

With an Italian know-how of 3 generations of margarine production, the Eurocas range of margarine proved its worth through quality and consistency and managed to find distribution partners in Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America.

At Eurocas, we like to keep things simple. Of course, we have several recipes to address specific needs for any market, but we are confident that our 2 best-selling margarines are probably all you need.

Eskimo is our versatile puff pastry margarine. It is perfect to be used for croissants, danish pastry or any other type of puff pastry. With one margarine, you can produce all your pastry products.

Fineo Gold is our premium cream margarine. What makes it so special? We developed it to be the ideal butter substitute. It is characterized by very, very strong butter taste, smell, and color. If you are not a butter fan, this margarine is not for you. Besides all this, Fineo Gold has supreme whipping capability, almost like a whipping cream.

All our margarines are produced without hydrogenated fats and without preservatives. We always try to offer our customers high quality, clean label products. You are welcomed to visit us on our stand in order to learn more about the Eurocas margarine range.