FARHAT Bakery equipment

FARHAT Bakery equipment

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FARHAT is now a leader in the pita & flatbread manufacturing industry, where it operates as a serious partner at the complete disposal of anyone who wishes to give his bread manufacturing a modern shape, and from one machine to complete lines FARHAT engineers have the expertise to assist you.

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FARHAT Bakery equipment December 5, 2023

Greetings from Farhat Bakery Equipment!

Celebrating our 50th anniversary, we thank you for your continued support. Discover in this article our groundbreaking innovations from iba 2023 and learn how these advancements will transform your bakery production and usher in a new era of baking!

FARHAT Bakery equipment October 10, 2023

Pizza & Manakish Rotating Oven - Elevate Your Baking Process

This Stone Baking Rotating Oven embodies a remarkable transformation in the world of bakery technology. This state-of-the-art, oven has been meticulously engineered to meet the precise requirements of crafting delicious and authentic products.

iba 2023

FARHAT Bakery equipment October 5, 2023


In the continuously advancing realm of industrial technology, the FARHAT Conveying Solution has emerged as an avant-garde leader. This system's unique blend of design and functionality makes it a valuable asset for diverse industries, encompassing not just bakeries, bu also manufacturing industries.

iba 2023

FARHAT Bakery equipment August 4, 2023

Lebanese and Arabic Pita Turnkey solution

Bring the authentic taste of the Middle East to your bakery with Farhat's Lebanese & Arabic Pita Bread Line. This specialized production solution guarantees perfect, flavorful pita bread with every batch. Trust Farhat, your partner for growth, where your dough truly rises higher.

iba 2023

FARHAT Bakery equipment August 4, 2023

Crackers, Breadsticks& Grissini Turnkey solution

Explore the precision and efficiency of the Breadstick Grissini Machine from Farhat Bakery Equipment. Craft perfect breadsticks and grissini with our state-of-the-art machine, meeting the demands of your customers with ease. Unleash the power of innovation with Farhat, where your dough rises higher!

iba 2023

FARHAT Bakery equipment August 4, 2023

Pita&Flatbread Industrial Solution

Elevate your bakery business with Farhat's Pita & Flatbread Production Line. Engineered for precision and versatility, this advanced solution enables the production of a broad range of flatbread types with consistent high quality. It's more than a machine, it's a growth partner for your bakery.

iba 2023

FARHAT Bakery equipment August 4, 2023

R&D section at Farhat Bakery Equipment for Pita & Flatbread machines

Unleashing the Taste of Tomorrow: Join Our Bakery Equipment R&D Revolution! At Farhat Bakery Equipment, we are stirring up the perfect recipe for success! Our R&D department is a playground of innovation, where master bakers and brilliant minds come together to craft the baking industry's future!

iba 2023

FARHAT Bakery equipment August 3, 2023

Spiral conveyor

The Spiral Conveying System from Farhat is an ingenious bakery solution that optimizes your proofing and cooling processes. By using vertical space, it maximizes efficiency in limited spaces. Its unique design with metal or plastic conveying chains ensures delivering superior product quality.

iba 2023

FARHAT Bakery equipment August 3, 2023

Lavash Production Line - let your dough rise higher

Discover the ideal solution for versatile lavash production with Farhat's Lavash Production Line. Adaptability meets quality in this efficient production solution. Let your dough rise higher with Farhat.

iba 2023

FARHAT Bakery equipment July 31, 2023

Tortilla Production Line Teaser

Embrace premium quality and efficiency with Farhat's Tortilla Production Line. Craft high-quality tortillas consistently with this robust solution. Experience the Farhat difference where your dough rises to new heights.

iba 2023

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About us

Born from humble beginnings as a flatbread & pita baker in 1973, Mr. Mahmoud Farhat was a visionary, aspiring to be a global leader in bakery equipment manufacturing. He embarked on this journey by designing the first Lebanese automatic bread line, which he successfully tested and operated at his own bakery.

At the time, a modest 100 sqm facility was adequate for designing, manufacturing, and selling his innovative machines to local Lebanese bakers. However, in 1982, demand soared, prompting Mr. Farhat to establish "FARHAT For Trade & Industry." The company became specialized, creating highly automated, customized equipment for baking Lebanese, Baladi, Arabic bread, and manakish & pizza pies.

By 2000, a new generation, Mr. Farhat's sons, joined the enterprise, and the company transitioned to "Farhat Bakery Equipment." With fresh ambition and drive, they developed new, well-engineered production lines for various flatbreads including Lebanese Arabic bread, pocket pita, Greek Souvlaki, naan, pizza base, flour tortilla, lavash, Tannour bread, Iraqi samoun, and pitta bun.

Beyond flatbread lines, Farhat Bakery Equipment introduced automatic stacker counters and baggers for efficient flatbread packaging, wire mesh and modular plastic bread conveyors, automatic breadsticks and grissini makeup lines, as well as a range of high-temperature tunnel ovens.

This fusion of the father's expertise and sons' ambition propelled Farhat Bakery Equipment to become industry pioneers. Present at major international food industry exhibitions like IBIE, IBA, GULFOOD, IBATECH, they continually introduced innovative machines and solutions to new markets, securing their place as a global leader in bakery equipment manufacturing.