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Foodish, s.r.o. is a Czech company at the forefront of raw material production and distribution, specializing in a wide range of products including gluten-free flour. Our unique milling technology preserves essential enzymes, resulting in high-quality flour.


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About us

Introducing Foodish, s.r.o.: Your Trusted Partner in Quality Food Products

About Us:

Located in the heart of Europe, Foodish is a Czech company with over 25 years of experience in the food industry. We specialize in the production and distribution of a wide range of products, including flour, cereals, flakes, and other raw materials and finished goods.

At Foodish we place special emphasis on gluten-free products.

Our Commitment to Quality:

We take pride in our careful selection of raw material suppliers, stringent quality control measures, and innovative milling technologies. The dedication of our entire team at Foodish ensures the satisfaction of our customers and partners.

Our Mission:

To offer people high-quality products with the best value for money, accessible to a wide range of customers. To promote a healthy lifestyle and enhance the vitality of present and future generations.

Our motto is "Eat well, live well"

Unique Technologies:

At Foodish, we employ unique technologies for the production of gluten-free flour and flakes. By maintaining low milling temperatures (no higher than 32 degrees Celsius), we preserve over 90% of the enzymes essential for the human body within the flour. Our technology also allows for various milling depths, ranging from 30 to 250 microns.

This revolutionary approach to flour production underscores our commitment to excellence in our gluten-free program.

Wide Range of Gluten-Free Flours:

Thanks to our extensive network of reliable raw material suppliers spanning five continents, Foodish offers over 20 types of gluten-free flours and flakes. From traditional buckwheat, rice, and maize flours to unique options like amaranth flour, we provide a diverse selection to meet your specific needs.

A Reliable Partner and Supplier:

For years, Foodish has been a trusted partner for almost all major retail chains in the Czech Republic. When you collaborate with us, you are not just getting a supplier; you are gaining a dependable partner who can adapt to your requirements with flexibility.

Explore Partnership Opportunities:

We are open to cooperation and collaboration. Reach out to us or visit our booth, and we shall be delighted to showcase the possibilities of working together. At Foodish, we are committed to delivering top-quality food products and building lasting partnerships.