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The milk fat specialist for the baking sector: Hoche Butter GmbH is one of the largest suppliers of German branded butter, baker's butter and butterfat for the baking sector in the German market. A special focus lies on butter sheets for making croissants, puff pastry and Danish pastry.


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Hoche Butter September 13, 2023

Concentrated butter lamination sheet

The concentrated butter plate from Hoche Butter has a fat content of at least 99.8% milk fat. With this, the specialist for lamination butter sheets adds another alternative to its range in this segment.

iba 2023

Hoche Butter September 13, 2023

New 10 kg block of "Plunder" lamination butter

The tried and tested „Plunder Butter“ from milk fat specialist Hoche Butter is now available not only as a 2 kg sheet but also as a 10 kg lamination butter block for laminating Danish pastry and puff pastry doughs, especially for larger quantities of dough.

iba 2023

Hoche Butter September 13, 2023
Tips & Tricks

Concentrated butter - ideal for baking "Stollen"

Stollen as a traditional Christmas pastry has a very long tradition in Germany and has been known for more than 500 years. It is most popular and delicious in the form of fine butter stollen, such as the "Dresdener Christstollen".

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Hoche Butter July 21, 2023

Anhydrous milk fat for the baker

Hoche Butter sells a very wide range of pure concentrated butter and butterfats with the addition of vanillin and carotene for every demand in the bakery. The fat content is 99.8 %. The products are available in the variants fine or soft, i.e. creamed with nitrogen.

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Hoche Butter June 30, 2023

Lamination butter sheets for puff pastry

Hoche Butter offers the matching butter sheet for all applications of making puff pastry and flaky pastry. The range includes sheets with different melting points between 30 and 36 °C and adjusted processing properties.

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Hoche Butter June 30, 2023

A new lamination butter sheet for all applications

Hoche Butter GmbH is expanding its range with another lamination butter plate: with the new Universal Butter Plate, the specialist for butter and butterfats is closing the gap between low and high melting butter plates in its product range for the baking trade.

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Range of products

  • R Butter products
  • R Fats, oils
  • F Food trends
  • F Artisan bakery
  • F Sustainability

About us

Hoche Butter GmbH - The specialist for butter and butterfats

Within the Uelzena eG group of companies, Hoche Butter GmbH distributes an extensive range of high-quality butter and butterfat products for bakeries, confectioners, wholesalers and end consumers under the Hoche Butter, Butaris, Buvita and Uelzena brands.

HocheButter-Banner.jpg (0.3 MB)Our butter product range:

  • "Plunder" butter sheet
  • "Universal" butter sheet
  • "Croissant" butter sheet
  • "Carotin" butter sheet
  • German branded butter
  • Baker's butter with carotene
  • Sweet cream butter
  • Lactose free butter

 Our butterfat (AMF) product range:

  • Anhydrous milk fat
  • Butterfat fine or sofgtened with nitrogene
  • Butterfat with vanillin
  • Butterfett with carotene
  • Concentrated butter

Hoche-Butter-Fullbanner-600x600i.jpg (0.1 MB)A company of Uelzena-Group

Hoche Butter GmbH has been part of the dairy cooperative group Uelzena eG since 1997. In 2018, TRILACTIS GmbH from Saarbrücken, which has also been known in the market for decades, was taken over as part of a merger.

Specialist for butter sheets / lamination butter

We are particularly well-known in the market for our lamination butter sheets. Whether croissants, Danish pastries or puff pastries, our specialised butter sheets always ensure optimal baking results, even under difficult production conditions. We can precisely adjust the melting point, plasticity and melting behaviour of our touring butter plates thanks to the special production method.

Our certifications

ISO 9001, IFS, Kosher, Halal

Variable packaging options

We package our butter products as 2.5 kg sticks, 2 kg sheets, 10 kg blocks and 25 kg blocks. The 10-kg block in blue wrapping film without cardboard is particularly practical. Our butterfat is available in 10-kg blocks or 25-kg blocks in the variants fine or softened (whipped with nitrogen) as pure butterfat or as butterfat with added vanillin or carotene.

Partner of the artisanal bakery trade

Our products have been appreciated for decades by users in the baking trade and in confectionery for their consistently high and fluctuation-free product quality. Because of the special product range that has developed over time due to the specific requirements of professional processors, Hoche Butter is now considered the specialist for the bakery and confectionery trades.